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General Information

The Mediterranean Platform was founded in 2019 with the aim of bringing together and making visible different cultural Mediterranean research approaches at the University of Konstanz. Arising from a joint initiative of historians and literary scholars it discusses current research projects and new perspectives of Mediterranean Studies. At the same time, the platform serves to network on-going and to initiate future research projects with a Mediterranean focus. Since 2020 it has been supported by the Committee on Research (AFF) of the University of Konstanz. The platform currently has 17 internal and 4 external members. The platform maintains partnerships with partners: 1. international research network GlobalMed (coordinated by the MMSH Aix-en-Provence) 2. interdisciplinary research laboratory Mediterranean Liminalities (University of Cologne)

Mission and Objectives

For a long time, the Mediterranean has been described with magic formulas. Due to actual crises and conflicts we think that a new narrative is required. The Mediterranean Platform Konstanz brings together historical and literary approaches in order to understand cultural heritage and historical perspectives of the region and to sharpen our view for future options. In this sense, our research puts the plurality of Mediterranean spatial configurations in the spotlight. First, in a genealogical perspective, we try to reconstruct marginalised (Arabic, insular, meridional and Ottoman) representations of the region. Second, on the basis of new present-related topics we investigate cross epochs in which way natural, cultivated and imagined spaces as well as their relations to the past and future influenced each other. Third, comparative and entangled historical perspectives point out clearly how the Mediterranean interacted with other world regions and that it can certainly be compared to them.

Main Projects / Activities

Research colloquium: Research projects: MA Mediterranean History:

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Historical and literary research on the Mediterranean region Transfer to university teaching

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We would like to use the ALF to network and exchange ideas with other partners in the Mediterranean region.

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Prof. Dr. Manuel Borutta
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Professor of Modern History, Speaker of Mediterranean Platform
Head of the organisation
Prof. Dr. Manuel Borutta
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Dr. Jovo Miladinović
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Academic Staff Member, Coordinator of Mediterranean Platform