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General Information

Mernan , a Luxury Media production and Digital Marketing Company, is dedicated to instigating transformative change within the industry. Renowned for its distinctive ancient Arabic theme and inspiration, Mernan operates with a team of 8 members, comprising a COO, Manager, Salesman, Filmmaking Team (comprising Video Editors, Videographers, Graphic Designers, and Photographers), and a Marketer. Owned by three individuals, Mernan relies solely on organic funding, meaning it sustains itself using revenue generated internally. Currently, the company has no partners outside its existing client base, with projects spanning across Egypt and aspirations for expansion throughout the Middle East.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to make a significant impact worldwide, striving for greatness fueled by our unwavering belief in the quality of our work and our boundless potential. We explore every avenue to drive improvement for ourselves and our company.


To expand operations to Saudi Arabia within the next few months.
To establish a physical Mernan headquarters.
To acquire all necessary equipment and tools to eliminate the need for rentals.
To establish our reputation for delivering work characterized by themes of Islamic influence, luxury, creativity, intelligence, and consistently exceptional standards.
Note: Our current funding model poses the sole barrier to reaching our next level of success, often proving challenging and inconvenient.

Main Projects / Activities

At present, our primary focus lies within the automotive industry throughout Egypt. This sector is where we are directing our efforts to build awareness and establish our reputation.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Mernan has the potential to significantly contribute to Egypt's network, particularly in the realms of media and filmmaking where our professionalism is greatly needed. We are committed to allocating a substantial portion of our earnings to support various large businesses, foundations, and individuals in need within Egypt.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We recognize that a collaboration between Mernan and ALF will bring significant benefits to both parties, fulfilling each other's needs effectively. Viewing Mernan and ALF as partners, we acknowledge the mutual advantages we can offer each other within our respective industries. Additionally, we anticipate that ALF's support will address our gaps, paving the way for substantial successes that will greatly benefit us both.

We appreciate this opportunity and welcome you to reach out to us at any time.

Additional Information
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01279399484 Mohamed Ragab Mohamed Ali
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Head of the organisation
Abdelrahman Ragab Mohamed
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01279618754 Abdelrahman Ragab Mohamed Ali
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