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Fleming Mustafa kamel
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General Information

Mernan (مرنان) is a Luxury Media production & Digital Marketing Company focused on making impactful change in the industry, Mernan is known for it's unique ancient Arabic theme / inspiration, we currently have 8 team members (COO / Manager / Salesman - Filmmaking Team {Video editors & videographers & Graphic designers & Photographers} - Marketer). Mernan is owned by 3 individuals and it's source of funding is purely organic (Meaning we fund the company with only what we make in revenue from the company itself, so Self-funded).
We currently have no partners other than the clients we already have, and all our projects take place all around Egypt & currently working on expanding the business to all the middle east.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to achieve greatness and leave a strong impact all around the world, we believe in our Quality of work and we know all about our limitless capabilities, and we try every possibility we have as long as it bring improvement for us and the company.
To work in Saudi Arabia in the upcoming few months.
To have a On-Ground Mernan headquarters.
To own all our equipment and tools we use, and not have to rent anything missing.
To be known for our work theme (Islamic, luxury, Creative, Smart, and always outstanding).

Note: The only thing that is preventing us from going to the next level, is our current funding system, which can be difficult and very inconvenient at a lot of times.

Main Projects / Activities

We are currently working (and focused mainly on) with the Auto-Motive industry all around Egypt. That's how we want to start our awareness and how we want to be known.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Mernan in fact, can contribute a lot to Egypt's network, as it is in need (in terms of everyone) of the professionality we provide, as in Media & Filmmaking, and especially, we do plan on contributing a large portion of our made money to many large businesses and foundations and even people in-need here in Egypt.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We see that Mernan Collaborating with / joining / working with ALF is gonna be a large benefit to each side, and we both will be covering what we both need.
Plus, we see Mernan & ALF as partners with many thing t offer to each other each in our industry.
We also see that ALF will be able to help & cover what we are missing, leading to huge successes (Which will happen) which will largely benefit us both.

Thank you for this Opportunity.
Reach us anytime.

Additional Information
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Danny Bsat
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COO - Co Owner - Salesman - Copywriter
Head of the organisation
Abdelrahman Mohammed Ragab
Contact (2) Full Name
Adelrahman Ragab
Job Title (2)
Co Owner - Head of Media team