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  1. Youth and education
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Mirage Group's Pioneering Services Redefining Innovation and Quality
With a diverse portfolio spanning four key divisions, Mirage Group's commitment to delivering superior services shines through each facet of its operations.
From its esteemed KNX-certified training center empowering individuals for the digital era to its precision-engineered solutions tailored for smart homes and the dynamic cultural and creative industry, Mirage Group ensures a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies.
The company's comprehensive turnkey solutions in the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI), leveraging digital projection, 3DOF/6DOF simulators, AR/VR, and visual arts, exemplify its dedication to pushing boundaries.

Mission and Objectives

Mirage Group's mission is to redefine innovation and quality through its pioneering services across various sectors. The company is committed to delivering superior services by integrating cutting-edge technologies into its operations. Mirage Group aims to empower individuals for the digital era, provide precision-engineered solutions for smart homes, and revolutionize the cultural and creative industry with comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Main Projects / Activities

KNX-Certified Training Center: Mirage Group operates an esteemed KNX-certified training center, offering courses and certifications to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for the digital era.
Smart Home Solutions: The company provides precision-engineered solutions tailored for smart homes, incorporating advanced technologies to enhance convenience, efficiency, and security.
Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) Solutions: Mirage Group offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for the CCI sector, leveraging digital projection, 3D, simulators, AR/VR, and visual arts to push boundaries and create immersive experiences.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As a member of the Mirage Group, I can contribute to the network in my country by:

Promoting the adoption of advanced technologies in various industries, including the cultural and creative sector, to enhance efficiency, creativity, and innovation.
Providing training and educational opportunities to individuals interested in learning about cutting-edge technologies and their applications.
Collaborating with other organizations and stakeholders to develop and implement projects that address societal challenges and promote sustainable development.
Sharing knowledge and expertise with the network to support its mission of redefining innovation and quality.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I am interested in joining the Anna Lindh Foundation network because of its commitment to promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding in the Euro-Mediterranean region. I strongly believe in the value of cultural diversity and the importance of building bridges between different communities. By collaborating with the Anna Lindh Foundation network, I aim to contribute to building a more inclusive and peaceful society, where everyone is respected and valued regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Additionally, I see this opportunity as a way to develop my skills in intercultural dialogue and to strengthen my network of partners for future projects

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Sawssen Bradai
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General Manager
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Sawssen Bradai