Molad - the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy

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22 Eek Refaim

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
MOLAD was founded in early 2012 by a diverse group of activists, thinkers and policy makers, in response to an unmet need in Israel’s political arena. Indeed, although a significant proportion of the Israeli public continue to hold progressive values and beliefs, many have lost confidence in the institutions of the Left and believe they no longer presents a viable alternative in the Israeli political system. In light of this, MOLAD seeks to re-invigorate the progressive camp and provide a united platform for a constructive, progressive and credible voice. As a think tank, MOLAD generates new content, clear ideas and incisive analysis, all with a view to affecting a strategic and conceptual realignment of existing and emerging forces within Israel’s progressive community. Through a variety of different methods, MOLAD spreads innovative ideas and solutions among key decision makers and the Israeli public in three main areas of influence: security and strategy, citizenship and community, and economics and society. MOLAD’s activities are governed by an active and engaged 5-member board which includes leading lawyers, academics, journalists and activists. Indeed, MOLAD’s leadership benefits from a dynamic combination of emerging young forces and experienced public figures.
Mission and Objectives

• initiates intellectually ambitious projects which seek to expand current discourse by articulating different approaches to understanding and reconstructing Israeli society and Israeli identity, as well as Israel’s place in the region and the world, thereby creating a comprehensive conception of Israel as a vibrant and substantive democracy integrated into the region;
• produces first rate research on current affairs and longstanding questions through quantitative and qualitative research projects, thus establishing itself as an authority on political, social and economic questions for Israeli progressives;
• produces policy commentary, analysis, and recommendations ranging from policy papers to op-eds and blogs;
• provides training in political skills and strategy for activists, consultants and politicians in order to improve progressives’ political savvy; and
• provides an ideological and physical space for the progressive community, for discussions, advice, seminars, lectures, support and strategizing.

Main Projects / Activities

MOLAD’s projects are based around three key themes:
Security and Strategy: It is widely recognized that Israel lacks strategic thinking outside of official agencies, and in particular the military. As such, the Israeli security discourse is dominated almost entirely by the security establishment. This has created a narrowed vision in relation to security and strategy. In light of this, MOLAD seeks to create an independent security conception of Israel and put forward new strategic directions on questions of security and foreign relations.
Citizenship and Community: One of the indispensable challenges for Israeli democracy is the creation of an inclusive framework to allow both Jewish and Arab citizens to wholeheartedly call Israel their home. This requires not only considerations on institutional, constitutional and legal affairs, but also reconsideration of civic education, ideological biases and historical sensibility. These issues are especially relevant today in light of the slew of Knesset legislation that undermines the citizenship and rights of the Palestinian minority.
Economics and Society: Although the vast majority of Israelis support progressive and social democratic approaches to socio-economic issues, the political establishment and all the major parties espouse a neo-liberal framework. This is evident in the erosion of the welfare state and the growing economic gap in Israel. The current challenge is to construct a model which will allow Israel to advance its position in the global economy while reconstructing the welfare state and combating intolerable inequalities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

MOLAD seeks to create a hub for progressive thought - a place where actors in the community can come together to share ideas and strategize about the future of the Israeli Left.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Molad would like to join the ALF network in order to benefit from funding leads and to learn about best practices adopted by civil society.

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Chantal Jacobs
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Avner Inbar