The Moravian Museum - Anthropos institute and Pavilion Anthropos

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Czech Republic

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Private Company
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  1. Arts
  2. Heritage
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information
The Moravian Museum is second biggest and oldest museum in Czech republic. The museum's collections include over 6 millions of objects, representing valuable scientific material from the fields of history, archeology, literature, music and theatre, geology, botany and zoology. The Moravian Museum has developed a rich tradition in scientific, documentation and education work. The results of scientific research are published in scientific journals, monographs, exhibition catalogues and other publications. Every year, numerous temporary exhibitions, lectures. Concerts and other educational programmes are taking place in all museum buildings. The Children's Museum, special education and leisure facility, is dedicated to the youngest generation of museum visitors. There are 254 staff in the Moravian Museum. The Moravian Museum is contributional organization of Ministry of culture of CR.
Mission and Objectives

Moravian Museum – Pavilion Anthropos:
- There are Permanent exhibition (Origin and Evolution of Man and The Beginning of Human Culture) and Two halls which will present short-term exhibitions and the conference hall will be used for lectures and other events.
Moravian Muzeum – Anthropos Institut:
- Research: Anthropology of prehistoric populations, Archaeology and environmental conditions of Pleistocene, Prehistoric Mining, Paleontology of Pleistocene
- Library, Counseling and studying possibilities

Main Projects / Activities

- Exhibitions and lectures in Pavillon Anthropos – Pavilion (in 1997 “Iaslam and the world”, 1998 “India – Gods and people”, 1999 “Gypsy – seek home”, 2001 “China”). Program in 2006/2007 – “Sahara`s mosaic.
- Permanent exhibition: Origin and Evolution of Man and the Beginning of Human Culture.
- Counseling and studying possibilities - archaeological material (stone, bone), anthropological and osteological material. Previous agreement of curators is necessary.
- Library – literature focused on Paleolithic and Mesolithic archaeology, ethnology, cultural and physical anthropology. Library is opened for public.
- Research: A historical evaluation of the role and impact of the Luxemburg family on the history of Moravia and the Czech statehood; Prehistoric exploitation and processing lithic resources; Civilization of Mammoth Hunters in Moravia - Martin Oliva; Evolution of Middle/Upper Paleolithic transitional technologies in context of human genesis;

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Mgr. Petr Kostrhun
Head of the organisation
Mgr. Petr Kostrhun
Contact (2) Full Name
Doc. PhDr. Martin Oliva, PhD.