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Palantír Film Visual and Anthropological Foundation

National Network: 
H-1163, Katóka u. 46
003620543 5639
Telephone (other): 
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Only the director is employed of the Foundation, which works with losts of volunteers and external cooperators.
2. 16 808 000 HUF – in 2007
3. 2 770 000 HUF – in 2007
4. The Foundation is to:
- organize Dialektus Documentary Film Festival each year;
- develop a non-profit video library in DocuArt;
- search new ways of documentary-distribution.
5. Dialektus Festival has international partners every year, mainly other film festivals and organizations, for example: Jihlava Doc Film Fest, Eyes and Lenses, BuSho, Tranzit House (Cluj), Regence (Kosice)

Mission and Objectives: 

Palantír Foundation aims to improve visual art and communication with focus on documentaries. It has a comprehensive film distribution concept to increase international cooperation in documentary film industry.

Main Projects / Activities: 

There are two main projects: Palantir Film Foundation operates a non-profit videolibrary in DocuArt that provides audiences with direct access to documentary films which is open to the public all the year. The other standard project is Dialektus European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival, which is organized every March.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Ms. Orsolya Komlósi
Job Title: 
Head of Network
Head of the organisation: 
Ms. Orsolya Komlósi
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Orsolya Komlósi
Job Title: 
Coordinator, Hungarian Network of the ALF

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