The Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy- "MIFTAH"

National Network
Telephone (other)
972-2-5835-184 or/ and 970-2-2989-492
E-Mail (2)
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone (other)
972- 0546-293-139
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Media
  5. Research
  6. Youth and education
General Information
1. (Structure of the organization) • Secretary General • Program Design and Management • Governance and Democracy • Media and Information • Information Technology • Administration and Finance • External Relations. (Please see the chart of the organization's structure at the end of this section ). 2. (Budgetary resources available in a year) -Ongoing projects and fixed expenditures – Approximately (500,000$), Five hundreds thousand dollar per year. 3. (Sources of funding) • The Ford Foundation • UNDP • NED • UNFPA • Representative Office of Norway • International Republican Institute (IRI) 4. Concrete Projects- Workshops- Seminars- Research - Media. Activities implemented as part of projects. (Please see Main Projects/ Activities). 5. (Main Partners) • The Donors of the organization are also the Partners.
Mission and Objectives

• Reinforcing the Palestinian state-building process through ensuring democratic practices, the rule of law, and respect for human rights.
• Promoting the free access and flow of information.
• Empowering Palestinian women and youth leaders in different fields and promoting the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
• Providing a forum for innovative public discourse and free debate on issues of Palestinian concern, bringing together decision-makers and members of civil society.
• Increasing global awareness and knowledge of Palestinian realities by providing reliable, accurate and comprehensive information, policy analysis, strategic briefings and position papers.
• Complementing and solidifying international efforts pertaining to cooperation and conflict-resolution based on genuine understanding of the facts, the issues at stake, and the implications of foreign policy decisions on national, regional and global realities.

Main Projects / Activities

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A. Good Governance and Democracy Program
1. Empowerment of Young Palestinian Leadership
-Political and Community Leaders.
2. Empowerment of Palestinian Women Leadership
a. Women in Elections -Women Elections
Support Pointed- (WESPs)
b. Women in Peace.
c. Advocacy in RH.
3. Media –related activities (Keshev).
- Media monitoring.
4. Policy formulation.
B. Media and Information
C. External Relation.

Contact (1) Full Name
Nahed Ahmed Abu Sneineh
Head of the organisation
Lily Feidy, Ph.D.
Contact (2) Full Name
Khuloud Al-Ju'beh