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Ard Elgamyaat Block 62
Ismailia Governorate

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Private Company
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  1. Youth and education
General Information

Semsemia stands as an innovative startup committed to dismantling the prevailing cultural centralization in Egypt. Originating in the quaint town of Imsilaia along the Suez Canal, our primary objective is to democratize and streamline access to knowledge production and consumption, particularly focusing on the provincial towns beyond Cairo and Alexandria.

Over the past three years, Semsemia's team has reached seven full time employees. it has diligently executed several projects with budget of 70 K Euros over the last three years within these pillars. Our collaborations with both international partners such as ENI CBC Med , Goethe Institute and Ford Foundation as well as local communities such local history groups have been instrumental in consolidating efforts and establishing a sustainable trajectory toward our overarching vision.

Mission and Objectives

Our strategic approach encompasses three core activities. Firstly, we specialize in organizing walking tours and immersive cultural and educational trips. Secondly, we engage in destination development and branding to redefine the narrative surrounding these often-overlooked locales. Lastly, our commitment extends to the production of local narratives, shaping an authentic representation of Egypt's history and geography distinct from the commonly portrayed imagery dominated by the capital.

Main Projects / Activities

1- Culture / Educational tours in the provincial towns in Egypt

2- Destination development and branding focusing on rural areas

3- Democratizing access to narratives production and consummation by conducting content creation workshop , collective archives and local community museums
4- Digital App to publish content about the destinations and facilitate booking services , products experience as well as audio-visual tours

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

1- Sharing experience in the field of education , tourism and culture with similar organization

2- Providing support for the Network members' activities inside the areas Semsemia targets

3- Enhance the the members capabilities by provide capacity building programs in fields of expertise such history of civil society in Egypt , culture management and research methodologies

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

1- Being part of a network of culture and civil society actors on both sides of the Mediterranean is a great exposure and asset for my start up

2- Benefiting from the ALF opportunities such as travel grants

3- Patriating in the discussions and advocacy for topics of interest such as culture , inequality and dialogue

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Mohamed Yehia Kamel Elsayed
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CEO & Researcher
Head of the organisation
Mohamed Yehia Kamel