The Sky is the Limit

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Rabbi Akiva 1
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Youth and education
General Information
The Sky is the Limit- HaShamaim Hem Hagvul is an organization that is ran by me- the CEO, has a program director- Ms. Hila Tam, two program coordinators and 24 students that are getting a scholarship. We also have an Educational advisor and a finance manager that are volunteering. All of our resources are from philanthropy besides 10% of our budget that is from the Jerusalem Municipality. Our donors are the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, UBS, RCF (a private family foundation), Brooks Keret, האיגוד הישראלי לקידום האדם, private donors (The Davis Family, The Katz Family), Yahav Bank. We are in partnership with Perach (פר"ח), JVP, the community centers in Jerusalem, The Education department in the municipality of Jerusalem. Our yearly budget is 150,000$. Our Modality of action: we are oporation only one project- a social entrepreneurship training program, see details below.  
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to transform at-risk youth into socially involved citizens, by developing their sense of self-worth and insuring an ability and desire to account for their future and communities.
1. Transform at-risk youth into community leaders and role models by raising their social and political awareness.
2. Empower impoverished communities through youth projects that target unaddressed communal needs.
3. Open the window to higher Education by exposing youth participants to university students, encouraging them to continue academic pursuits after high school.

Main Projects / Activities

What We Do. Through learning programs and empowerment workshops, we rebuild confidence, educate regarding civic consciousness and responsibilities and encourage social activism. we give them the opportunity to be active social entrepreneurs within their environment. We encourage them to take responsibility for their personal future, transforming themselves into actively involved citizens.
Target Population. Our participants, 6th–9th graders, are youth at risk from low socio-economic areas in Israel. Our counselors are university students who develop a commitment to volunteerism and social betterment. The students serve as role models for our youth, encouraging them to pursue higher education after high school graduation.
Project Description
Stage 1: Youth empowerment. During the first months of the program, counselors meet with participants weekly and help them develop personal and social tools for success alongside the education process of how to become socially aware (consumption of news media, environmental awareness and experience of activism through volunteering).
Stage 2: Community Change and Entrepreneurial Projects. During the second stage, participants identify a need in their community, then devise and implement a plan to address this need. One group identified a community need for healthy youth recreation and initiated a youth movie theater in their local community center. Another group opened a student coffee shop in their school and donated all the incomes to the local soup kitchen.
Previous outcomes of the project: We have witnessed participants develop better relationships with the school system, stay off the streets, and continue to create projects that answer communal needs. We have seen participants serve as leaders among their peers, modeling and encouraging healthy educational and social behavior. Through a ripple effect, the project benefits hundreds, if not thousands, of people throughout its impacted communities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We, as an organization, can contribute to the ALF Network, by bringing the underprivileged youth voice into the network. We work with a wide verity of the Israeli youth and exposed to different sides of the Israeli community. We can contribute our knowledge of social entrepreneurship and experience from the Jerusalem neighborhood we work in. We could contribute cooperation with other organization to create a better and deeper solution to the social problems of the Jerusalem and Israeli society.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I believe that in all sectors but mainly the social one (the third sector)- corporations are very important between similar organization and also between different organization. I also believe that the more we learn, the more we are exposed to new and different ideas, information and action- we become more aware and implement the new things we learn in our organizations and in our own life. This way we become more engaged and more active in creating a better society.
I believe that the ALF network is an amazing place to make all that happened! to generate the coop orations, to expose the members to different realms and subjects and to help us implement it in our organizations.
In a more personal note- I am missing an activist community that its members will support each other and enrich each other at the same time. I feel like the ALF network is this community.

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Moriah Ben Ami
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Head of the organisation
Moriah Ben Ami