Société Meriah Consulting

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038 Cité SNIT Mtorrech
6014 Gabes

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Private Company
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General Information

We are a small consulting firm with a big vision. We want the people of Tunisia to live in communities that are marked by grace, responsibility, and dignity. We particularly focus on projects that build sustainable capacity and prefer an asset-based, low-cost approach. Our primary expertise is in the area of disability, particularly helping adults with disabilities live as independent, contributing members of their communities.

Mission and Objectives

Our goal is to empower and equip people to realize their dignity, take responsibility, experience grace, and live in community. We support others that work towards this same goal by networking, consultation, helping people start their own projects and organizations, and project management.

Main Projects / Activities

-Connecting people and organizations with common goals
-Support Groups for families of people with disabilities
-Self advocacy groups for people with disabilities
-Connecting local organizations with international projects and donors

Consultation and support
-Assistance in grant writing, monitoring, and evaluation
-Creation and translation of educational resources

Project Management
-Activities for people with disabilities, their families and associations that support independence
-Professional inclusion for people with disabilities
-Advocacy for marginalized groups

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are able to contribute to the Network by connecting people to training resources and experts in the areas of disability and transformational development, especially in the English language. We also are able to provide support in grant writing, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We would like to join the ALF network in order to learn from others who are working for the good of Tunisia and its people, while contributing to awareness of and capacity for people with disabilities

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Philip Bjork
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Philip Bjork
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Ali Hmidi
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assistant de projet