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Tri-pulley creates temporary jobs for a social cause, by matching unemployed skilled individuals to jobs servicing vulnerable families or small enterprises for few hours per week, while upgrading their professional skills.
Thus launching the pulley effect for long term jobs, in a dignifying multiplying impactful way!

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to create temporary jobs for a social cause, actively support other social enterprises, and provide a diverse range of revenue-generating socially and environmentally responsible products and services. We are deeply committed to reducing dependency on external aid systems, empowering individuals to become self-reliant contributors to their communities, and fostering sustainability through diverse revenue streams. Additionally, we aim to inspire responsible consumption decisions among our community, encouraging mindful choices that benefit both society and the environment.

Main Projects / Activities

Job matching - for jobs for a social cause
Career guidance mentorship and upgrading employability skills
Support to Social enterprises and small business

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can receive referrals from the network for people who need a job and fit our criteria, and send referrals of people within our community to the services provided by the ALF network when it fits their carrier path or their needs

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Access to a wider network, benefit from trainings and skills building, give continuity to programs of organizations within the network when it is relevant

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Lamia Karkour
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Head of the organisation
Lamia Karkour