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  1. Youth and education
General Information

We have been active in the Novara and national territory for more than 25 years, developing projects and services based on the method of social and cultural animation. Every year we produce more than 50 interventions and projects in the social and cultural field. Our action is in favor of people and communities, with the aim of making them protagonists of positive transformations in their life and in that of their territory.The transformations generated by Vedogiovane always start from the search for innovative, effective, sustainable and long-lasting solutions. Vedogiovane sees his being at the service of citizens as putting first the ability to identify needs, the effort to satisfy requests, the constant attempt to put the person at the center, at the same time endowing himself with the ability to read the need, not only through scientific investigation, but also through the involvement of the recipients.
Vedogiovane has at the moment 86 empolyees and more than 20 experts that are supporting the different activities. Vedogiovane is having different sources of income: projects based founded by local and national foundations; Erasmus + Programme; services providing for local municipalities.
Activities can be grouped up into two branches: 1- Youth policies – This branch not only runs youth information centres, it also develops new projects and reflections about the youth needs and the kind of answers given them by governmental and non-governmental institutions, schools and adults in general. The youth policies branch tries to identify new strategies to answer these needs and offers these strategies to the institutions. Vedogiovane manage centres for disadvantaged youngsters, activites and workshops before and after school time, leisure time activities. The area is mainly aimed at developing the local community, it offers a new vision of young people and their needs. 2. Intercultural sector: the Intercultural sector implements international youth exchanges, ESC seminars and training courses. The mission of the intercultural sector is to equip the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow, by instilling in them a sense of civic responsibility, encouraging them to excel in education and entrepreneurship, and exposing them to diverse cultures throughout Europe. In this frame we work to give motivation to young people to participate in EU projects. We also manage a local Eurodeks centre with the mission to raise awareness among young people on learning mobility opportunities and to encourage them to become active citizens. We cooperate with a wide number of public institutions, with special regard to the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province and a committee of municipalities departments for youth policies as well as with youth councils.

Mission and Objectives

The social cooperative "VEDOGIOVANE" was founded in 1998 with the aim of promoting animation initiatives in the area. For us, as a cooperative, it means active participation by everyone and shared responsibility. In this regard, we aim to pursue, continuously and without profit motives, the general interest of the community, human promotion, and social integration of citizens through the management of socio-educational services. Animation for VEDOGIOVANE means youth, families, schools, projects, trips, experiences, continuous stories, and thoughts.

Main Projects / Activities

Vedogiovane, in Borgomanero, manages the Educational Center for Minors (CEM) in agreement with the Inter-municipal Consortium for Social Welfare Services. The CEM is aimed at families who are encountering particular educational difficulties towards their minor children, experiencing a situation of strong discomfort: these families, due to their weakness, need to be supported in the difficult task of maintaining a positive educational relationship with their children.

Vedogiovane has an international depertment that is running and managing international cooperation projects and intercultural activities for the youth with fewer opportunities at local level and open up them experiences for going abroad.
We manage a youth hostel in Elba Island that is also a youth and cultural center where is hosting several project linked to cultural activities as as residencies for artist at national and international level. Youth Center is hosting international meetings; youth exchanges; training courses.
Vedogiovane is running an Eurodesk point for providing information about European projects.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can support diffussion of the information and initiative provided by the network and we can also support the implementation of further activities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Participating in the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) could provide several benefits for our organization involved in South Mediterranean cooperation and youth-led projects. ALF offers a platform for networking with other organizations, institutions, and individuals working in similar fields across the Euro-Mediterranean region. This networking can lead to potential collaborations, exchange of ideas, and sharing of best practices. At the same time, being part of ALF can increase the visibility and recognition of our organization at both regional and international levels. This recognition can help attract partners, donors, and participants for our projects, as well as enhance our credibility within the field.ALF organizes various events, workshops, and seminars focused on topics related to intercultural dialogue, youth empowerment, and social inclusion. Participating in these activities can provide valuable learning opportunities and contribute to the capacity building of our staff and volunteers. ALF engages in advocacy efforts to promote dialogue, cooperation, and understanding across the Euro-Mediterranean region. By participating in ALF, our organization can contribute to these advocacy efforts and potentially influence policies and decision-making processes at local, national, and regional levels.

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Federica Demicheli
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Head of the organisation
Michelangelo Belletti