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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information

VCS was founded in 2006 and since then has implemented around 100 projects from the “YiA” and “Erasmus+” Programs, in addition to other projects funded by local, national, and international donors. The main goals of the organization are:
- to give non-formal educational possibilities to young people, in different fields, at the local and international levels;
- to promote the idea of volunteerism and to connect young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economic, or social status.
VCS has been a sending/hosting organization for 18 years and has directly affected the skills development of many young Europeans.
VCS offers opportunities for youth participation at various local and international platforms, such as seminars, trainings, study visits, youth exchanges, and ecological and social actions. VCS was directly involved as a key stakeholder in the development of the “Law of Volunteerism” in N. Macedonia, took part in monitoring and supervising the development of relevant national youth policies, and actively participated in public discussions and consultations about the topics of young engagement and empowerment.

Mission and Objectives

Our main goal as an organization is to give non-formal educational opportunities to young people, in different fields, both locally and internationally. Volunteerism is a big and important idea also promoted by us while connecting youngsters no matter their nationality, religion, gender, political, economic, or social status. We aspire to contribute to a multicultural civil society, to reinforce existing democratic structures, to support young people in developing their abilities and skills, and to foster closer cooperation among youngsters. Young people in Macedonia are up on our priority list – we want them to progress, to get out of the apathy they feel, to go abroad, to strengthen their sense of belonging, to come back and change things around them. Or if they just want to raise their voices, we also encourage youngsters all over the world to write to VOICES Magazine – our project published since 2006 and a platform for young people to express themselves.
On the other hand, more than 500 young European volunteers passed through our organization, due to various programs of the European Commission. They chose to come to Macedonia to strengthen their capacities, skills, and knowledge, but also to help build a stronger and healthier society through volunteering and breaking stereotypes and prejudices. See here how you can come to Macedonia for a life-changing experience!

Main Projects / Activities

We take an active part in society by offering equal opportunities to youngsters and working to improve their living standards. Through European funds, we provide information and possibilities about volunteering and non-formal education, both locally and internationally. With these opportunities and programs, we want to involve and encourage young people to take part in decision-making processes. We are an accredited organization for sending and receiving ESC volunteers, reference number EVS: 2014-1-MK01-KA110-000293

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

With over 18 years of experience in the youth field, Volunteers Centre Skopje can add value to this Network by working collaboratively with the other partners in order to go above and beyond in agreed objectives. We will aim to empower all involved by providing platforms and opportunities for personal and professional growth and
development, especially in terms of skills and competencies that can be gained from this project. We will aim to be a reliable partner who will proactively make efforts
to maximize the benefits that can be gained through participation in this Network for all involved stakeholders.
Also, Volunteers Centre Skopje can be considered as the organization that can take coordinators' rules for the upcoming activities (Forum...etc)

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The main objectives of the ALF are:
-To create alternative narratives to fight extremist discourses and radicalization
-To create inclusive and empathetic societies to fight the lack of trust and
-To build a culture based on dialogue and exchange

We believe that the experience we have - it is matching with our mission.

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Nikola Stankoski
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Head of the organisation
Nikola Stankoski
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Goran Adamovski
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Operative manager