The Future We Want! A Youth Manifesto

A graphic consisting of different illustrations of people

SLOGA national platform of NGOs and Humanitarian Organizatiosn in Slovenia started a new international project, named "The Future We Want". The consortium consists of nine partners who are NGOs and youth orgqanizations based in different countries in Europe.

The project objectives:

  • involving and empowering young people all over Europe in researching alternative forms of participation by creating and advocating better ways of living together and a more sustainable future,
  • connecting young people across Europe through numerous exchanges,
  • development and strengthening of personal, social and civic competences as well as critical thinking and creativity

The highlight of the project will be a two-day event in Brussels, where young people will organize street actions and meetings with decision-makers and present them with the Youth Manifesto - the vision of European youth on a sustainable future.

Read more about the project HERE.