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Dear members of the Anna Lindh Foundation,

The Anna Lindh Foundation is deeply moved by the rapidly unfolding situation concerning the Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic. The measures that are being applied world-wide are necessary and intend to respond to COVID-19, which has infected almost 160,000 people across 155 countries so far with a death toll that is bordering on 6,000 lives. We strongly endorse and promote physical isolation at this stage in the human attempt to contain a pandemic that the WHO characterised as the "first pandemic" to be "caused by a coronavirus". In this respect, please kindly note the ALF staff based in Alexandria will work from home starting from Monday 16th of March until 31st March 2020.

Please accept our condolences for all the lives lost due to this virus. Our thoughts are with the members of all our national networks of the ALF and with the world at large in these trying times.

We wish for a full recovery for all the infected and hope that this disaster ends once and for all.