Launch today of a series of the Intercultural Morning Coffee's meetings!

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Today the Anna Lindh Foundation launches a series of Intercultural Morning Coffee's meetings.
The aim of these meetings are to encourage discussions among journalists, academics and civil society on current affairs relating to cross-cultural reporting in the Euro-Mediterranean.

The first Intercultural Morning Coffee focuses on how the restrictions on mobility due to the global pandemic have affected intercultural relations in the Euro-Mediterranean region: how have these experiences been reported? Whose voices are heard?

The Intercultural Trends report reveals that 39% of Europeans experienced cross-cultural encounters in the street and 15% via tourism. While in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean 13% experienced cross-cultural encounters in the street and 24% via tourism. Hence, it is likely that restrictions to free movement have hampered cross-cultural encounters and encounters between members of the minority and the majority communities living in multicultural cities.

In addition to encouraging reflections, an aim of these meetings is to generate recommendations and ideas for how the Anna Lindh Foundation can continue to support all actors in the Euro-Mediterranean who actively contribute to shaping cross-cultural images of one another.