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The Environmental Media Center

National Network: 
Ramallah , Al-Qiqab Garden Ramallah Nablus street.
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Consists of the Foundation Board of Directors and the Executive Board,3 full time staff and 7 volunteers. EMC depends on self-resources and partnership agreement with federation of Palestinian chambers of commerce industry and agriculture to fund it's projects .
The Center has implemented several projects in the area on community environmental awareness, and international representing of Palestine.

Mission and Objectives: 

Vision of the Center:
The sustainable development in the environmental field through the active contribution of the civil and media society.
Message of the Center:
The Environmental Media Center is NGO center concerned with environmental media and education through the specialized environmental media coverage, capacity building, training and documentation.
Objectives of the Center:
 Promoting awareness of the environmental issues through the specialized media coverage.
 Promoting the environmental education concept.
 Addressing the environmental issues.
 Informing and empowering the community to improve the quality of life without prejudice to the rights of the future generations to benefit from natural resources, and stimulating the community to participate in the care of the environment and maintaining the sustainability of its resources.
 Providing information to promote with environmental management for decision-making, promoting local, regional and global environmental cooperation.
 Providing information to help in cope with effects of climate change, which raises many concerns and builds many environment- friendly social, economical and industrial policies.
 Providing information and guidance for dealing with harmful substance and hazardous wastes in accordance with basis of healthy management of chemicals.
 Providing information on the management of the ecosystem to the public in order to secure the environmental conditions for stability and justice.
 Providing information about disasters and environmental conflicts to reduce the environmental hazards and working on environmental cooperation for peace.
 Providing information on cultural heritage and tourism for the advancement of eco-tourism.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Activities of the Center:
- Preparation of the " Environmental Honor Charter " for parties to adopt environmental policies into their campaign, in cooperation with the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority.
- Implementation of a media tour for journalists to see the environmental situation in the West Bank.
- Preparation with a network of environmental NGOs in tours for the journalists to see the Israeli violations of Palestinian environment.
- Preparation a memorandum of understanding with the Palestinian Interior Ministry under which the recent has hard work on the application of the Palestinian environment law of 1999 and the revival of local, regional and global events.
- Preparation a memorandum of understanding with the Palestinian Ministry of Education to involve in the implementation of the environmental educational activities.
- Preparation a memorandum of understanding with the Modern Media Institute – Al-Quds University, for cooperation in the field of production, dissemination and training in the environmental media and education.
- Participation in the third environmental camp in Ramallah, through the media coverage.
- Presenting four episodes on Sawt Felisteen radio, which raise the pressing environmental issues.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Alaa Hantash
Head of the organisation: 
Alaa Hantash

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