Transcultural Psychosocial Educational Foundation

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
TPO Foundation is structured as local NGO with 3 full time employees, 3 part-time employees and dozen of associates on various project activities. Approximate Annual budget is 200.000 BAM Source of funding comes from donations. Main partners are: Medica Zenica, Lara Bijeljina, Zena BiH Mostar, Forma F Mostar, Krajiska suza S. Most, Udruzene zene B. Luka, Perpetum Mobile B. Luka, Vesta Tuzla, Fondacija Cure Sarajevo, Infohouse Sarajevo, IMIC Sarajevo, Nahla Sarajevo.
Mission and Objectives

TPO Foundation mission is contribution to development of democratic civil society, increased awareness on gender equality, establishment of partnership ethics and promotion of accountability and responsibility in family, society and political life in BH, via implementation of educational, research, psychosocial and intercultural program activities.
TPO Foundation was developed from HNI TPO organisation network with headquarters in Amsterdam, present in BH from 1998, implementing projects in the filed of psychosocial care, education and reconciliation and dialogue among returnees population.
Since 2004, by HNI TPO Amsterdam decision, local team in BH works as and independent nongovernmental organisation under the name of TPO Foundation, however, formal registration was completed in 2006.
During 2004, TPO Foundation as a local organisation, directed its activities toward educational and research projects in cooperation with BH, European and USA universities.
Mission realization
TPO Foundation mission is implemented via several strategic areas:
Education - Cooperation with universities and other organisations in implementation of education reform in BH. Establishment of education centres in cooperation with educational and cultural institutions offering programs for intercultural, multi-religious and civil education, predominantly for the youth population.
Preparation of curriculum, syllabi, and studies in cooperation with the state institutions and other organisations.
Research - evaluation of situation in the field of education, human rights, gender equality, with the purpose of preparation of adequate policies and specific project activities. Promotion of scientific approach, sensitive to gender and cultural individual differences.
Gender equality - Promotion and implementation of local and international standards on gender equality and support to state mechanisms for equality at all levels of governance.
Advocacy - Advocacy for changes in action policies and adoption of new with the aim of development of democratic civil society, and awareness- rising in society on importance of active involvement and participation of citizens in decision making.
Capacity strengthening - Preparation of training packages in cooperation with respective state institutions as well with other international institutions and organisations. Support to education reform , health care and social rehabilitation via training of professionals and promotion of strengthening of user's initiatives, and psychosocial support to children and youth.
Intercultural dialogue - Promotion of intercultural dialogue, peace and reconciliation in cooperation with NGOs, both BH and international, dedicated to this issues. Organization of public debates and round tables, meetings of artists, academics, and NGO activists capable of providing solutions for joint work and co-existence, from their perspective. Organisation of meetings in small local communities with the aim of gathering representatives of divided communities in BH and opening a dialogue.

Main Projects / Activities

a)Pilot research project: 'Survey on tolerance in BH and USA among Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics' in cooperation with State University Arizona , with the purpose of comparison of tolerance level among mentioned population in Bosnia and abroad.
b)Research project: Women, religion and politics, in cooperation with IMIC Centre where 20 towns and villages were paid a visit and 529 participants interviewed. The purpose of the research was to examine impact of religious heritage and cultural and customary tradition on woman status in public life and politics.
c)Publication of book Women, Religion and Politics with cooperation with IMIC centre and Centre for interdisciplinary post-graduate studies with the support of Soros Foundation and Canton Sarajevo government.
d)Implementation of Article 5 of CEDAW Convention with the purpose of elimination of discrimination toward women especially in the rural communities. Project is being implemented with the support of Ecumenical Women's Solidarity Fond.
e) Training seminar: Gender-based Violence and Mutireligious Dialogue
f)Development of school books for Culture of religion in partnership with Goethe Institute and OSCE.
g)Empowerment of Women Voters: 101 reason why vote for women

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Naida Pekmezovic
Head of the organisation
Emir Siljak
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Zilka spahić - Šiljak