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*VM* Learning Together - Enhancing Capacity Building during Covid crisis

Panel Discussion
Centre for Capacity building & empowerment, System and Generation Association, New Women Connectors

A series of Cross-Network activities has been organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation National Networks of Sweden - Centre for Capacity building & empowerment, Turkey - System and Generation Association, and The Netherlands - New Women Connectors, in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

The session will in general deliver understanding, separate the language and intercultural hindrances, make relations, set up joint ventures between the participants and professional from the field. It will have a place with various societies just as relations among them and the foundations of the general public that invites them. These abilities will contribute to the formation of a sense of solidarity among European cultures. Youth, youth workers, and other related actors can gain more information and resources to engage and influence as a result of these exchanges.

The activity is organized in such a way that it has a multiplier effect and is sustainable. The thought for this task is to be a pilot and model for different activities on abilities appraisal in intercultural instruction of youngsters and intercultural learning. 

This session will be led by the Swedish National Network.

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