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*VM* Training on Intercultural Competences

Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East
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The Workshop as the National Network activity was organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation National Network of Finland Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East in the Framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

The main of this Workshop is to address the importance of the Intercultural Education, competences, cultural differences and the Intercultural Dialogue. This Training presents an introduction to intercultural competence. It blends theoretical models with practical examples and storytelling and is structured around the six steps model of intercultural competence. It combines lived experience from Sweden, Germany and Tanzania.

The tree-hour online session will be interactive and balance between lectures and discussions. This Workshop will be held in English and will be opet for registered participation. The registration is open until 26 May. 

Time: 3 - 6 PM CET

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