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Good Practice

The Anna Lindh Days for Intercultural Citizenship Education

Good Practice Illustration

The Finnish Network organized together with its partners from ALF Heads of Networks of Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Morocco, Poland, Sweden, Tunisia and Turkey, an intercultural forum and a training titled the Anna Lindh Days for Intercultural Citizenship Education from 26 to - 31 August 2017.

The Forum lasted for two days and consisted of two panel-discussions and multiple workshops on hate speech, intersecting identities, and virtual reality as a tool for raising awareness and creating empathy. In this workshop, participants lived a virtual reality experience where Helsinki had been transformed into a conflict zone similar to what Aleppo has gone through (hence the name of the project, Helsinki-Aleppo).

The training was conducted over four days on the themes of intercultural dialogue, citizenship, identity and education. The goal of the training was also to familiarize educators with the Anna Lindh Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship Education and develop it further.

A small group of participants delved deep into the topic and had enlightening and sometimes difficult discussions. Through the two events, participants and their organizations found new possible partners and developed their project ideas. As a result, a network of ICE educators was created on Facebook.