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Global Governance: Remarks for the 21st Century

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Giorgio Benigni
CeSPI- Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale
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"Global Governance: Remarks for the 21st Century" is a work authored by Giorgio Benigni, an analyst of Italian and International politics, and part of the series published by the Centre for International Policy Studies (CeSPI). The book provides a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the world in the 21st century, which is characterized by an unprecedented proliferation of international organizations. These organizations were initially founded with the aim of establishing a multilateral system to peacefully manage tensions between nations and eventually create an internationally recognized and enforced legal order.

However, the effectiveness of the global governance system appears to be facing challenges. The crisis of globalization, evident since 2008, contradicts its fundamental premise: the belief that geoeconomics should take precedence over geopolitics, with increased trade leading to reduced conflicts. In contrast, international relations are witnessing a resurgence of pure power politics, indicating a shift towards the establishment of new orders rather than the restoration of existing ones.

The future remains uncertain, and it is unclear whether the upcoming years will see a return of multilateralism based on international law or a definitive rise of multipolarism rooted in power struggles and the establishment of spheres of influence.