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Identity and gender in childhood

Representation of Moroccan women in textbooks
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Cobano-Delgado, Verónica C. & Llorent-Bedma, Vicente.
Women's Studies International Forum
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The current study investigated the role of women as represented in preschool textbooks in Morocco. To this end, we have carried out a content analysis on the images representing female figures from 5 publishers (N = 2789 images, N = 95 books).

The expectation that images of women would appear more prominently in domestic and leisure settings than in professional ones was generally supported by the results. Although most of the professions represented are those traditionally associated with women, greater equity between men and women can still be observed. Publishers are attempting to represent a society that is dynamic, despite certain deep-rooted customs and traditions. Textbooks contribute to the learning and perpetuation of stereotyped perceptions. The results imply that it is important that the roles of women are evolving more quickly towards modernisation/westernisation than those of Moroccan society is. The traditional influences still visible in these books are a reflection of the current situation of Moroccan society.