ALF Closing the Circle


We are proud to unveil the launch of our series of Public Policy events that will take place this year. Through this series of events, we aim to bridge the gap between research, policy-making, and on-ground implementation. ALF Public Policy initiatives are designed based on a Euro-Mediterranean participatory approach, by linking civil society entities with researchers and policymakers.

In 2024, our events will cover three main intercultural public policy themes: Unpacking the process of youth engagement in participatory dialogues and decision-making, fostering an intercultural approach to the ethics of #AI, and promoting the concept of living together.

These series of public policy events will help us enhance our programmes, strengthen civil society networks’ capacity, and our contribution to Euro-Med Policy frameworks.

Our first Multistakeholder Policy debate event took place on April 17th and 18th in Brussels.

The event's objective was to address the challenges and prerequisites for involving youth in the Euro-Med region. The event successfully brought together a wide range of participants, including experts, academics, practitioners from civil society organisations, and representatives from various institutions. During the ALF Multistakeholder Policy debate, participants delved into crucial topics such as how to effectively reach and identify youth who embody the diverse perspectives prevalent in the region. The focus was on ensuring their legitimacy and representativeness. Additionally, discussions revolved around the roles that governments, institutions, and civil society organisations play in equipping youth with the necessary skills, knowledge, resources, and opportunities. By doing so, they can empower young people to make meaningful contributions to participatory and decision-making processes.