#ALFCitiesInDialogue  Activities Highlights, 22-28 November 2021


📅 22 November

➡ "Theatre of the Oppressed" by Albanian Media Institute (Albania), WeYouth Organization (Tunisia) and AIFED (Spain): A group of youngsters perform theatre of the oppressed on sexist language in the media outlets against women. It will be recorded as a short video and will be published on YouTube. 
🔗 https://www.facebook.com/alf.shqiperi/posts/196556445970037

➡ "Cities of Resilience and Solidarity" online launching event by Our Common Future (Luxembourg)

➡ "Who are I" by Fotoessa (Greece), Workshop #1 - Exploring the Multiplicity of our Identity: This training aims to train a group of young city multipliers able to disseminate the positive narrative of Intercultural Education & Dialogue.

➡ "Digital Cinema Tour" by Association ATAC (Tunisia): 22 – 28 November 2021 in Tunisia

📅 23 November

➡ "Who are You" by Fotoessa (Greece), Workshop #2 - Reflecting on the Other

➡ "Cultures, interventions artistiques et espaces publics" by Association Agir Ensemble (Morocco): Capacity building seminar on diversity and identity in intercultural cities

➡ "People, Culture and Bridges" Workshop with Youth by Rato ADCC (Portugal)

📅 24 November

➡ "People, Culture and Bridges" Workshop with Educators by Rato ADCC (Portugal)

➡ "Who are We" by Fotoessa (Greece), Workshop #3 - Broadening our Vision

📅 25 November

➡ "Différences culturelles et identité" by Association Agir Ensemble (Morocco): Exchange webinars between youth groups from Morocco, France and Portugal. 2:30 PM CET 
🔗 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85422757895?pwd=N0d5TGFoSDVCYXJ6dVlOd1c0M1h2UT09
Meeting ID: 854 2275 7895 - Code: 958011

📅 26 November

Virtual Panel on "Inter-religious Engagement in Humanitarian Action" by Adyan Foundation and Forum for Religious Social Responsibility (Lebanon). 5:30 PM CET - In Arabic, simultaneous translation is available.
🔗 https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OC9Ts7KOSQWqKYmevVUwAQ

📅 28 November

➡ "Tolerance (s) in Dialogue" - Soti Tyrologou presenting "Through the eyes of the other" by SCI Hellas (Greece). 5 PM - 7:30 PM CET in Greece 
🔗 https://www.artifactory.eu/tolerance-s-in-dialogue

➡ "Cultural Signs & Body Expression Workshop" by Our Common Future (Luxembourg). This event will be held in Nablus, Palestine

➡ "Limassol - the Euro-Med Capital for Dialogue 2021" by Limassol Municipality, Cultural Movement "Epilogi" - Jeunesses Musicales Cyprus, Euro-Arab Youth Music Center, JM International (Cyprus). 6 PM – 7:15 PM CET 
🔗 https://www.limassolmunicipal.com.cy/