ALFinMOTION - Questions and Answers

Q1 Can We include partners that do not belong to ALF Networks?

A1 Members as well as non-members of the 41 National Networks may apply to this service call as hosting or hosted organisations. However, priority will be given to high quality submissions where all the involved organisations are members of the Anna Lindh Foundation from the 41 National Networks and to submissions led by ALF members while observing geographical balance.

In this occasion, the ALF encourage all interested non-members organisations to apply for membership in their respective ALF National Networks via the following link:

 Q2 How can we get the form of participation/application form?

A2 For each of the four mobility modalities (Action, Knowledge, Partnership and Creativity) there is a hyperlink available in the published call which directs you to the specific application form. Please fill it in and submit it electronically.

Q3 Where can we check the membership in ALF Networks, and what if our organisation needs to be updated in the ALF Database?  I am already a member since 2019, but I cannot find a way to update my organisation information on the ALF membership database.

A3 Please contact the Head of Network Institution in your country and explain the problem to get it fixed.

Q4 How can we find cross-border partners/organisations who are members in ALF Networks and how can we identify their area of expertise?

A4 To check the list of ALF members, click on any of ALF Networks and then use the search tool:

Q5 Please confirm that the budget/lump sums indicated is for each organisation involved in the mobility?

A5 The lump sum indicated in the call shall be transferred only to the lead organisation (Hosting Organisation) who will sign the contract with ALF. The lump sum should cover the expenses and cost elements related to the proposal. Co-financing by the hosting and/or hosted organisation would be encouraged.

Q6 What are the geographical limits to be applied to achieve the balance?

A6 To fulfil the criterion of the geographic complementarity between the host and the hosted organisation(s) as required by the call, you should ensure that the hosting organisation and at least one of the hosted organisations (in case they are two), each is from a different category as indicated below:

Category 1: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Türkiye

Category 2: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden

In case your submission involves 2 hosted organisations, the second must be from a complementary category too, but from a different country.

Q7 Under the Partnership modality, can you explain the idea of donors.  Quoting: “to be submitted to national or international donors”?

A7 Donors may be public donors, international donors, corporates, etc. The type of donor is not relevant, the most important is to present a consistent proposal.

Q8 Could you please explain whether the core of the mobility for partnership should be something that was already developed, or the 2 organisations should design it together?

A8 A preparatory work is assumed between the hosting and hosted organisation(s) prior to the submission. When you identify your partner or the consortium of 2 partners, you may need around 2 weeks of preparatory work for the development of the concept note that will accompany your application.

Q9 Can an organisation submit a proposal as a leader/hosting organisation and still make part of other proposal(s) as partner/hosted organisation?

A9 Yes it can. However, the same organisation cannot submit more than one mobility submission under this call (as a leader/hosting organisation).

Q10 Can the organisations involved be a profit organisation?

A10 Profit as well as non-profit organisations can apply and make part in this call.

Q11 What are the expected audio-visual outputs for each modality?

A11 Audio-visual products are not compulsory for all modalities. The product you will be using for dissemination purposes will be agreed and identified in the foreseen contract as a deliverable according to the type of modality.

Q12 Can the language of intervention be the local one? Even though the proposal is written in English?

A12 Yes it can, provided that the final reports and the applicable deliverables (ex: concept note, final knowledge product, executive summary, etc.) submitted to the ALF are in one of the 3 languages (English, French or Arabic).

Q13 Regarding the process of filling in the application form, is there a possibility to save the draft and continue writing the proposal later?

A13 Unfortunately, the save option is not available. You can view the application and scroll through it before starting to fill it in.

Q14 Is there any specific number of participants that we should reach?

A14 Under the modality “Action”, the number of participants from the hosted organisation(s) cannot represent more than 20% of the total participants. In other words, if you have one participant from the hosted organisation, then the minimum total number of active participants must be at least 5.