Celebrating the Mediterranean - Questions and Answers

Call for participation

Information Session 20 September 2022

Q1 What happens if ALF receives several applications from national network members?

A1 Members as well as non-members of the 41 National Networks are invited to apply to this service call. In this occasion, the ALF encourage all interested non-members organisations to apply for membership in their respective ALF National Networks via the following link: https://www.annalindhfoundation.org/join-our-networks

Priority will be given to proposals led by members of the Anna Lindh Foundation from the 41 National Networks and a geographical balance between regions and countries will be observed while ensuring the quality of the selected offers.

Q2 Is there any possibility to go through the application form before we start to fill in the electronic form?

A2 Sections of the application are available to view via the online link. You can scroll through the application without filling it. The content of the application is straight forward and very much linked to the selection criteria stated in the call.

Q3 In the application form, there is a field entitled "POSITION". What exactly does it mean?

A3 This field refers to the “Position of the focal point assigned for the proposal” from the side of the applicant organisation, in other words "the professional title".

Q4 Is this call only for HoNs (leading organizations) or ALF network members can apply as well?

A4  This call is open for (i) Members of ALF National Networks; (ii) Civil society organisations non-members of the 41 National Networks Heads of Networks (they are encouraged to apply for membership via https://www.annalindhfoundation.org/join-our-networks); and (iii) Heads of Networks institutions provided they are members of ALF National Network in their countries.

Q5 Does the budget of 4000 euros include VAT?

A5 Yes, it is a lump sum to cover relevant cost elements including VAT.

Q6 Do you know what time the performance should be?

A6 It should take place at around 19.00-20.00 CET on Nov 28th, 2022, lasting between an hour and half and 2 hours.

Q7 On which level the musical performances will be presented? and would it be celebrated during the Mediterranean day in Spain?

A7 There are 2 levels for the dissemination of the activities: the regional and local levels.

On the regional level, this initiative is organised in close coordination with the UfM Secretariat as a complement to its online campaign “The Mediterranean, a journey through the senses”. Therefore, the ALF Secretariat will manage outreach campaigns and develop audio-visual supports to communicate and make visible this initiative across the Euro-Mediterranean region. 

The selected organisations will attend preparatory meetings to coordinate the local communication strategies and will be requested to produce and submit to the ALF Secretariat a short video (Instagram/YouTube Shorts format or similar) of up a minute in length, on the free musical performance and the audience -this material will be used by the ALF Secretariat to promote the initiative at EuroMed scale.

While on the local level, the applicant organisations are requested to elaborate -in their proposals- an outreach/dissemination plan to promote the performance at the local level.

Q8 What is the budget for the activity?

A8 A lump sum allocation of 4,000 Euro (global price) to contribute to cover the cost elements of organising the free musical performance. The selected organisations are encouraged to raise additional funds and seek support from the Local Administrations or other sponsors to complement any relevant services (venue, permits for performing in public spaces, dissemination local campaigns, etc)

Q9 Should I choose only one artist for the hour and half or a group of diverse singers?

A9 There is no minimum number of artists in the proposed musical group, however, bear in mind that one of the selection criteria is the added value of the proposed artist(s) in terms of diversity/interculturalism and community rooting. Therefore, it is preferable to reinforce the explanation in your application on how the proposed artist(s) reflect(s) diversity and the intended value added.  It all depends on the innovative rational and approach presented in your proposal.

Q10 Is it possible to share the zoom webinar so I can translate it to my musical producer and fellow musicians?

A10 All questions and answers discussed during the webinar will be compiled and made available to public on ALF website in English, French and Arabic languages.

Q11 In whose country the final activity is to be implemented?

A11 In the country of the applicant organisation which must be among the 41 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Q12 Can a musical group directly participate in this call? In other words, is it possible for a group to take part as an applying entity? Also, besides civil society organisations, can local authorities apply and sign the contract with the Foundation?

A12 The applicant has to be a Civil Society Organisation. The idea of the call is to empower the civil society to lead. The proposals should include clear elements of a triangular coordination: the CSO, (leading the proposal), the Local Administration and the proposed musical group. Musical groups willing to take part in this call are encouraged to coordinate with CSOs in one of the 41 countries to make part of a proposal.

The foreseen contracts will be between the Foundation and the selected CSO. While the CSO may need to sign contracts or agreements with the Local Administration and the musical group. The ALF will not be party to these contracts but will request to have the “contract/approved letters/MoUs/permits” obtained from the concerned Local Administration as a pre-requisite to release the 60% of pre-financing payment.

Q13 Can a non-profit organisation apply for this opportunity?

A13 Yes, non-profit organisations may submit applications in the framework of this call.

Q14 Regarding the process of filling in the application form, is there a possibility to save the draft and continue writing the proposal later?

A14 Unfortunately, the save option is not available. You can view the application and scroll through it before starting to fill it in.

Q15 Could you please explain the importance of the different selection criteria applied during the evaluation and selection process?

A15 The selection criteria are present in the call document and their weighting is distributed in the below evaluation grid which will be used for evaluating the received offers:

Overall objective and quality of the proposal - 20

Engagement of the Local Administration - 35 

Music group’s added value (diversity/community rooting) - 20

Dissemination plan at the local level - 10

Environmental sustainability, gender equality and social responsibility - 9

Inclusive target audience - 6

Q16 About the place of performance, can it be an EU theatre? due to the very limited budget can you help in finding free places?

A16 It is up to the CSO to choose the venue. The venue can be a closed place or an open public space depending on the expected weather conditions in each country on the planned date (among other elements).  With respect to the budgetary limitations, you are encouraged to negotiate with Local Administrations and other sponsors about the possibilities to provide support with respect to the venue. ALF Heads of Networks may also support by providing advice in this regard.

Q17 What is the role of ALF Networks members in this call?

A17 The approach of involving members to ALF National Networks is very welcome by the ALF Secretariat as it promotes the dynamics of working together and enrich the elements of the target audience.

Q18 Please bear in mind that the 28th of November is Monday. Monday evening is not a popular time for people to attend a concert. The previous day is Sunday: we have more chances to attract audiences then. Please take this in mind because its crucial for the success of the event

A18 This factor will be taken into consideration during the preparation meeting with the selected proposals scheduled on October the 28th, if the majority of lead organisations share the same opinion, the ALF Secretariat will go into this direction.

Q19 Is there any specific number of audience that we should reach?

A19 The call does not specify a figure for target audience. It is left to the applicants to determine depending on the rational and approach presented in their proposals.

Q20 what happens if you already are a public organisation? do you need to talk to another public institution?

A20 Please refer to answer to Q12 above as well as to the information indicated in the call on the 3 necessary steps for the preparation of the proposals:

  • Reach an agreement in principle with a Local Administration to associate it in the organisation of a free musical performance
  • Settle a public space/facility where the free musical performance will take place
  • Identify a local music group with a particular intercultural added value

Q21 Who will be involved in selecting the musical groups and through which procedure? What are the steps to be followed?

A21 The lead CSO who is applying to the call shall select the musical group while ensuring its relevance to the objectives of the call and ensuring the music group’s added value in terms of diversity/interculturalism and community rooting. The CSO is free to consult members of the ALF National Networks among others. Please refer to the 3 steps above on how to prepare the proposal.

Q22 May we work in association with other members of the networks in this or in other country?

A22 Cross Networks coordination is welcomed. It could be however challenging in terms of budgetary constraints. If additional financial support is made available to complement the lump sum offered by the ALF Secretariat, such proposal would be possible. The approach of your proposal should reflect these aspects and should fulfil all the basic requirements of the call.

Q23 Does the ALF Secretariat intends to disseminate the call to the member states through their Embassies in Brussels including the concept note and the criteria?

A23 The call including all the relevant elements is made public on ALF’s website and has been distributed to the ALF Board of Governors and Advisory Council Members.

Q24 Is there a certain theme for the songs/musical performance?

A24 No, the theme is left for the applicant to propose provided that it fulfils the purpose of the call and reflects the diversity/interculturalism.