Outcomes and Outputs


The MED FORUM process has been a catalyst for collaboration among a broadened network of actors, from youth sector leaders and civil society coordinators to regional institutions and policy-makers.

The initial outputs and documentation of this far-reaching process will be published here:


The preliminary outcomes presented by the ALF Executive Director, Hatem Atallah, based on the work of the intercultural team of MED FORUM rapporteurs:




A sample of news stories published on the back of the main MED FORUM gathering:

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Let's go for dialogue, not division

IRISH TIMES: World View: Healing divisions in the Mediterranean. Negative media images of Arab world and north Africa must be counteracted

LIBYA HERALD:  Root causes of extremism need to be addressed: Med Forum 2016

ANSA: Med youth in Malta to “overcome extremist narrative”

FRIENDS OF EUROPE - FRANKLY SPEAKING: Young, gifted Arabs hold the key to peace

PBS online on MED FORUM 2016: Civil society representatives end two days of discussions in Malta

EU External Action Services: Landmark MED FORUM 2016 in Malta, the largest youth and civil society gathering of its kind for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region

MALTA INDEPENDENT: Malta could be a catalyst for a more unified Mediterranean

MED-MEDIA: Civil Society Actors Explore the Challenges of Reaching Target Audiences in the Southern Mediterranean Region


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to MED FORUM 2016 delivered by UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova, 24 October 2016:

Speech of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta, Dr George Vella, at the Inauguration of MED FORUM 2016 on 23rd October:


Message of EU’s HR/VP Federica Mogherini to the Young Mediterranean Voices at MED FORUM 2016, 24 October 2016: VIDEO

PBS TV platform on MED FORUM 2016

The story of MED FORUM 2016: VIDEO

Youth Counterspeech Lab in partnership with Facebook, 23rd October: VIDEO

Opening Plenary of 24th October on “Moving Beyond Extremism: Youth on the frontline: VIDEO

Plenary of 25th October on "Populations on the Move: Leveraging New Opportunities for Dialogue": VIDEO

MED FORUM 2016 photo gallery


An overview of the Tweet reach during MED FORUM 2016

Full Tweet Reach Report

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