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Cultural entrepreneurship in Palestine

Timu Kota, Netherlands
Stichting Oecumenische Vrouwengroep Twente Betlehem, Netherlands
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This project, led by the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem, aims to develop a two-year vocational training in cultural entrepreneurship (CE) in the southern West Bank (Palestine), in cooperation with the Dutch partners Timu Kota and the Ecumenical Women’s Group Twente-Bethlehem. A two-day seminar will be held in the Netherlands to explore cultural entrepreneurship both as an educational field and for its value in Dutch-Palestinian intercultural exchanges. A three-day teacher training in Bethlehem will be designed to enhance the professional quality of the CE education. The projected results of the project, spanning a period of 10 months in advance of the CE education’s start in September 2013, will include a trained team of teachers and administrators; a network of local and international partners, a curriculum; a resource centre, and publicity to recruit potential trainees and to introduce the CE concept to a wider Palestinian audience.

Encouraging the creation and development of innovative Palestinian cultural products, events and services by introducing the field of cultural entrepreneurship (CE) in vocational education in Palestine. CE makes use of culturally embedded knowledge as well as dialogues with other cultures in order to develop a diversity of applications in new cultural market niches.

  • Preparing a vocational education in cultural entrepreneurship in Bethlehem by:
  • Raising the professional quality of the projected vocational education in cultural entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing the intercultural quality of the education
  • Raising relevant competences of the core teacher and management group and strengthening the team spirit
  • Matching the training with (existing and new) cultural business opportunities in the southern West Bank
  • Developing suitable cultural resources for the education
  • Creating local and international partnerships for the education
  • Creating interest in the education among potential trainees and the general public in Palestine
Thursday, November 1, 2012 to Saturday, August 31, 2013