The Palestinian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation aims to build an educated generation of youth that believes in pluralism and accepting the other away from extremism and hatred.


With an active core of member organisations, which has allowed the network to deploy effective coordination and networking mechanisms among members, the network has managed to create multiple partnerships with other networks. The network has managed to have an impact on the local community through the creation of a constructive dialogue among youth on various social issues and encouraging the involvement of youth in cultural exchange programs and the exchange of experiences with other societies. The network has also facilitated the implementation of programs and projects and strengthened the role of women in participating in these projects.


The Palestinian network has managed to:

  1. Create a group of ambassadors for environmental protection and climate change
  2. In partnership with the Italian ALF Head of Network "RIDE APS" (lead organisation) and the Egyptian organisation "Partners for Transparency", contribute to the implementation of the Ponza Prima-Med project. The project focused on agricultural best practices, its goal was to raise the level of awareness of the general public, fostering youth advocacy on environmental protection. We also worked together on various cultural topics such as Identity, Cuisine, and Cultural Heritage.
  3. Implemented an international education and cultural project called "Movement" in partnership with the Irish “Herstory” (lead organisation) and other national networks. The project explored the fact that emigration and immigration are two sides of the same story. As part of this project we created a short movie about a Palestinian woman: Nijmeh Atshan.
Jerusalem Center for Women

Beit Hanina
Palestinian Territories