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Living Bridge for Intercultural Dialogue

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Revive UK
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Our project consists of 24 participants, students, decision makers, social activists, members of organizations dealing with cross-cultural activities from Israel and UK. Our project has two main stages, the first one is a common delegation to Israel, and the second one is the delegation to the UK. Between two main actions participants will keep in touch intensively and share the knowledge with their communities and other social/public/governmental institutions.

The overall aim is to create long term relationships, trust and understanding among ethnic groups, different communities and societies. The change that we want to bring is raising the awareness in order to create a wider platform for discussion, to increase justice and to decrease violence and ignorance. The objectives are to raise the awareness of the public and decision makers to the issue of diversity, to create fruitful dialogue among ethnic communities and divert societies and to decrease injustice and discrimination.

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In process. Will update and forward in future.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 to Monday, December 16, 2013