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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. International/Cultural relations
  6. Media
  7. Research
  8. Youth and education
General Information
AfS Center was established in 2012, in Albania. The Center is made by 3 member Board, Executive Director, Accountant Project Manager/PR, Coordinator of Volunteer, Physiologist, and volunteers.Our budget is more than 32000 euro per year, sources are Masterapeace International, Raiffeisen Bank, Agency for the Support of Civil Society.We are currently implementing this programs: - MasterPeace Albania club - Society and Human Rights - Society and Development - Society and Environments - Erasmus Plus Program-me - European Voluntary Service (EVS) ACT for SOCIETY Center is the founder of the IRIS- Youth Initiative on Sexual Issues Network also our Center is part of many National networks: National Youth Congress and International Networks such as UNITED for Intercultural Action, No Hate Speech Movement etc. We are doing a lot of workshops, training, seminars and campaigns on different topic and issue especially on Youth Decision Making, European Value, Human Rights etc, our work is to do all this work and project with the methodology of non-formal, informal learning.
Mission and Objectives

ACT for SOCIETY Center Mission Mission is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society, it's work consists on promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human right issues, connecting young's, stimulating the active participation in the social live and decision-making processes. Objectives: - Stimulate good governance, fight of corruption and transparency; - Promote human rights and inclusiveness of marginalized groups having in focus gender issues, Roma community, and other vulnerable groups; - Contribute to integration processes; - Culture and Art - Enhance youth activities, initiatives and projects; - Embrace think-tank ideology and stimulate research; - Promote Decentralization and Regional and Cross- Border Cooperation; - Peace – building.

Main Projects / Activities

Implemented Projects by our Center During the 4 Years: - “A Different Day in the Elders Asylum in Tirana”. This project was implemented in Tirana/Albania during the period April- November 2012. The project aimed at improving the social status of the Elders, by supporting their needs and also making a coordination of state actors to pay more attention to this target group. During this project our center provide training's for the staff the Asylum and the volunteers that are part of the asylum. All this training was made with the methodology of the non formal learning, we development surveys for the elders for the conditions of the asylum and what is missing on asylum and what they want to change. - “Monitoring the Daily Press in Albania about Reporting on Corruption”. This project was implemented in Tirana/Albania during April - October 2013. The project aimed to monitor the cases of corruption treated in the Daily Press in Albania in order to promote fight of corruption and good governance. During this project we monitor about 12 daily press for 6 month, the propose was to identify the case of corruption that the daily press found and if the institutions write something about the news. Fund was from Agency for the Support of the Civil Society in Albania. - “International Day of Peace”. The project aimed at raising awareness of citizens toward peace and stimulate them to prevent conflicts of any nature among their societies. This project consist on two activities; the first was training of the youth How to be a good citizens, and How much is important the peace to build a better society. The second activity was campaign in the city “Be Peace”. Fund was from MasterPeace International during 1-21 September 2013 in Tirana/Albania. - “8th of March a Different Day with Disabled Women of Municipal Unit No.2 in Tirana”. The project aimed was to make disabled women more informed about the violence of the women's and how to help them if they are in problems, this project was implement by 4 training with the non formal learning when participate 100 women's, The project intended to attract the intention of different actors toward the needs of this vulnerable group, fund was from Raiffeisen Bank. February- March 2014 in Tirana/Albania. - “The Anti – Racism day” at Ismail Qemali High School in Tirana. The project aimed was 10 days training to encourage students of the high school “ Ismail Qemali” in Tirana to fight racism and any other form of discrimination among humans. On this project have been involved more than 200 students of this school. Supported by UNITED for Intercultural Action. 16-26 March 2014. - “The Anti – Racism day in Rubik Municipality”. The project aimed at informing and training the staff of Rubik Municipality on different tools that it should use to promote anti – racism to its citizens and broader. Supported by UNITED for Intercultural Action. 27 March 2014 in the city of Rubik/Albania. - “ How to do Fundraising” – Training course for 4 days on Fundraising for Youth Organization in Albania. In this training we trained 15 leaders of youth organizations with the topic “how to do fundraising”, the project was in the city of Kruja. Fund was from MasterPeace International Netherlands. 3-7 June 2014 - “Street Action Day” – The project aimed at raising awareness of citizens toward peace and stimulate them to prevent conflicts of any nature among their societies. This project was an campaign with youth. And the main was that how the youth people when they are together in the world is no more conflict and war. Fund was MasterPeace International Netherlands. 1-21 September 2014 - “Remeber 9 November” - ACT for SOCIETY Center / MasterPeace Albania, part of UNITED for Intercultural Action Network, presented on 20th of November, in the city of Shkodra, the campaign Again Anti-Semitism and Fascism: Remember 9 November. This project was an seminar in the school with the youth people on the age between 13-17 years old. They learn about this day and the importance of this campaign for European Citizens. Supported by UNITED for Intercultural Action. 16-26 November 2014 - “Stop Domestic Violence of Women” – this project was like a big event to support the campaign of violence of women. All the benefit that was provide from this campaign went to the women's with violence problem. Supported by 2Acompany, Redbull, Neranxi group, Agna Group, Ora News TV,etc.. 23 November 2014 - “Screen Movie - Eufrosina's REVOLUTION” - with the main focus on promoting the equal rights for women in political participation of the women through movies. This activity was made only for the youth especially the womens, to see that if they wanted to be someone one the life or to achieve something they can do it. Supported by Netherlands Embassy. 5 December 2014 - “Supporting children from the poor Families”. This project aimed at supporting children the poor families on the Christmas Occasion, by offering them living and sanitary products and presents for them, with this project we helped more than 140 families, we provided for them the food for more than 3 months. We organized for those children's one party for Christmas with animators because for them was the first time to have this big present. Fund was by Raiffeisen Bank. 22 November- 22 December 2014 - “Hand in Hand for Diversity, Stop Racism”, this activity was an info day on the School Qemal Stafa in Fush-Kruja, and “Day Diversity” in Primary School Tufina” in Tirana this project was about how to be without borders and to be more open mind on this issue.We select the city of Fush-Kruja and this School in Tirana because the most students there are Roma People, and this project was a big impact because was a good way to show the other schools how they learn and live together without borders. The project was sported by UNITED for Intercultural Action. 12-21 March 2015 We are partners on Erasmus+ Projects like: - “Balkan Youth Exchange” 2014-2-HR01-KA105-007044 06/03/2015 - 15/03/2015 organized by Outward Bound Croatia - "Youth Work From Different Angles and European Future" 2014-3-TR01-KA105-014395 organized by Malatya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü - We have the Accreditation for EVS- Sending, Receiving and Coordinating Organization with code 2015-1-SI02-KA110-013235 within the European Commission's Erasmus+: Youth in Action program-me. ACT for SOCIETY Center is the founder of the IRIS- Youth Initiative on Sexual Issues Network also our Center is part of many National and International Networks such as MasterPeace Movement, Tirana Youth Leadership, UNITED for Intercultural Action, No Hate Speech Movement etc.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

- With our Ideas - with our staff - with our partners

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join because we believe in our work and in all that we are doing in our community and if we are part of ALF Network is a good opportunity for us to implement project with good level and social impact.

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Armela Pengili
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Fatjona Brahimi
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Project Manager