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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
Structure: The African Center (ACS) is headed by the Chair and executive committee, voted by general assembly, which is composed of all the members of the ACS. Currently two people are employed full time, working on a project. Most of the activities of the ACS are carried out by volunteers and free lance contracts. Partners: ACS is a founding member of SLOGA, a platform organization for non-governmental, non-profit organisations that are active in the field of development cooperation, global learning and humanitarian aid. It cooperates closely with various Slovene NGOs. ACS has also close partners in Ireland and Great Britain, as it is currently working on a common project Budgetary yearly resources: approx. 60.000 EUR Sources: membership fee, projects, donations, co-funding contributions from governmental institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) The main activities of ACS are focused on: projects, workshops, round tables and discussions, lectures and small publishing activity.
Mission and Objectives

The mission of ACS is to become an open organization, which will be recognized widely for its values and knowledge on African topics.
ACS wishes to secure equal possibilities in the society, respect for human rights, freedom, and responsibility for African immigrants.
In ACS we try to raise awareness about the mutual global connection.

Main Projects / Activities

ACS is currently conducting a EU commissioned project entitled: Images of Africa from an African Perspective, which is a Public Awareness and Capacity Building Programme that aims at raising awareness on development issues in the EU from an African perspective through the development and promotion of positive images of Africans and African countries and to build the capacity of African people living in the EU to deliver development education programmes focused on positive images of Africans and African Countries.
The project is conducted with two partners from Ireland and GB. In addition to the above project, ACS has conducted in the past several projects in the field of culture, youth education, music and theatre, development education and organized a number or lectures and round tables, focusing on promoting positive dialog, African culture, cultural exchange, mutual respect for cultural differences and tackling the issues of integration.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ACS has very good experiences in working with partners on an international and national level. With these experiences as well as our stated objectives, we believe that ACS would be a valuable asset to ALF and could importantly contribute to the realization of its programmes.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ACS would like to join ALF in order to enlarge its activities and exchange information and experiences also through cooperation with countries across the Mediterranean. We see a big potential in forming partnerships with ALF members. The ALF values and mandate for mutual respect of differences between cultures, religions, societies in general, as well as promoting the strong pluralistic civil society goes in line with the mission of ACS.

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