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Agency for International Programs for Youth

National Network: 
Mukusalas str 41, Riga
Riga LV1004
+371 67358069
Telephone (other): 
+371 67358065
+371 67358060
Mobile Phone: 
+371 29389370
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Agency for International Programs for Youth is governmental agency established with the aim to promote non-formal education, active youth participation, volutary work, youth information and mobility. The main activities of the Agency are related to promotion and implementation of „Youth in Action” programme in Latvia (it is a National Agency). Apart from this, it is involved in many other programmes – Eurodesk, Swiss Contribution Programme, E-Twinning, Europa Diary and others. The Agency has been coordinating the Latvian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation since 2008.

Mission and Objectives: 

1. To inform governmental and non governmental organizations, public and local authorities about non-formal education for youth, international youth cooperation and European youth programs. 2. To ensure the coordination, supervision and quality control for all projects under the competence of the Agency; 3. To cooperate with EU and other country institutions for thedevelopment of new international youth programs and projects in Latvia. 4. To organize the dissemination of implemented international youth project results, development processes and new opportunities in the field of youth work; 5. To promote the development of new international youth projects between EU and other countries in order to provide the experience of non- formal education and intercultural learning to Latvian youngsters and youth workers.

Main Projects / Activities: 

1. Informative activities for promotion of international youth projects and particularly EU program „Youth in Action” and non-formal education; 2. Trainings and seminars for youth workers in order to develop the quality of international youth projects and to raise awareness about non-formal education, involvement of youngsters with less opportunities and disabilities, and other priority issues; 3. The administration of the EU program „Youth in Action” in Latvia trough project selection, supervision, control and evaluation; 4. EURODESK (European Youth information network) operation in Latvia and sustaining the national youth information network; 5. Implementing „Swiss contribution” programme. 6. Coordinating E-Twinning programme. 7. Coordinating the Latvian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Vladislava Skele
Head of the organisation: 
Daina Sproge
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Tatjana Dankbara

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