Arab Organization for Democracy and Human Rightsعدالة

National Network

17 Seedy Malek st., the eastern tunnel, misr elqadeema – Cairo

002- 27421093
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002- 01227627495
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002- 01000066155
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Human rights
General Information

Number of the staff 6 / concrete projects - seminars and workshops - Exchange of experiences /Main partner: National Council for Human Rights /budgetary resources: self voluntry of the trustees board - Participate in projects with donor institutions ( usaid 2007-2008 - Friedrich Ebert 2009 - Foundation for the future 2009 - National Council for Human Rights 2009 )

Mission and Objectives

Disseminating culture of human rights among the citizens at all levels/ Promote women's rights as an integral and complementary part human rights and raising awareness among Egyptian women /Respect for human dignity and rights, whether civil, political, economic, social and cultural /reforming Egyptian legislation, regulations and administrative practices to comply with the agreements and conventions of human rights

Main Projects / Activities

democratic support program / support and developing legal awarness program / Monitoring and Documentation program / Program of education and dissemination of Human Rights culture.

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Mr. Gamal Barakat
Job Title
head of organisation
Head of the organisation
Mr. Gamal Barakat
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Ahmed Hussein Ahmed