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General Information
Art Gallery "Dimitar Dobrovich" is an authoritative, cultural, artistic and educational centre in regional and national plan. The Gallery has been founded in 1905. It has four separate buildings with a total expositional area of above 3000 square meters and above 2000 square meters for storage areas. Eighteen people work in the Gallery – director, three curators, a fund-keeper, a decorator-exhibitions, a maintenance worker, two restores, and seven informants. The curators, besides their fund activity, perform all technical activities related to the preparation and exposure of the exhibitions, participate in the preparation of the cultural calendar of the gallery and the carrying out of inventory, prepare the main documents related to the funds. The tour-guides are in charge of the advertisement activity, the maintenance of the site, facebook account and the twitter page of the Gallery. The funding of the Gallery comes from the Municipality of Sliven with a voted annual budget. It has also been funded by different projects which the Gallery applies for, own resources, tickets, concerts and others. The Gallery works with all galleries in the country for the dissemination of the Bulgarian Art. It spreads out foreign culture with the cooperation of the cultural institutions and embassies. It organizes children's forums, creative workshops, competitions and concerts. It attracts young creators belonging to elementary, high-schools and higher educational institutions and also the children from various art schools. The Gallery organizes art forums, round-tables and university conferences, aiming to give the chance to young authors present their art. Annually the Gallery organizes thematic, genre and style exhibitions of national importance. The Gallery is a holder of the following awards: 2014- Award of the Bulgarian Association of the Employers in the Sphere of Culture for Work with Young People, 2013- “Golden Muse” Award of the Russian Cultural-information Centre-Sofia, 2012 – “Sirak Skitnik” honorary plaqueс of the Bulgarian National Radio, 2011- Diploma for high professionalism-Sofia.
Mission and Objectives

•  Preservation, conservation and dissemination of the cultural inheritance
• Attracting and educating the young people in the spirit of the art
•  Validation of the Gallery as a regional, national and international cultural centre.
• Work for European programs and initiatives. 
•  Widening the contacts with similar structures and cultural institutions, with the European Union countries, Balkan countries and international organizations.
The Gallery has three separate buildings that are being developed and accessible, suitable for the organization and carrying out of cultural events. Each of the buildings has an individual architectural shape as the separate premises create an atmosphere of spirituality, giving on the one hand a chance for the arrangement of different thematic expositions and on the other hand creating the necessary atmosphere for perception of the visitors. This is a result of the targeted policies developed by the Gallery as the visitors have increased from 4 704 people in 2008 to 11691 people in 2014. Out of them 3867 have been children. The events in the halls of the Gallery in 2008 have been 15 in number and in 2014-63 in number. The sensitive increase of the attendance is a result of the atmosphere of hospitality- a consequence of the many projects with the participation of children, young people, representatives of ethnic minorities and others, organized and carried out by the Gallery. Exhibitions and events with ethnic character for different ages, educational expositions and concerts have been presented.

Main Projects / Activities

Art Gallery “Dimitar Dobrovich” has limited resources in terms of the realization of many activities, having direct relation to the Gallery’s policy for its establishment as a cultural centre for young people, authors and community. The development and realization of different projects, performed by the Gallery, create real preconditions for improving the expert capacity of the team, the quality of work and realization of a series of cultural events and activities at the local, regional and national level. Last but not least the implementation of different projects gives the Gallery a chance to form itself as a loyal partner and a beneficiary, having a capacity and an established name among the cultural and financing organizations and institutions.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The Gallery has a site and a Facebook account with a sub-page of the Summer Art School. They are supplied daily with new information, photo materials, messages for upcoming events and coverage of already opened exhibitions. To ensure the wider coverage of events, organized in the Gallery, its team collaborates with local and national journalists via a press-list.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The Gallery would like to participate in the creation of common projects with similar organizations, both to present Bulgarian arts to the international arena and host international arts in Bulgaria. We would like to participate in projects related to cultural exchange, work with partners to create international network of cultural exchange.

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Daniela Nencheva
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Head of the organisation
Daniela Nencheva
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Hristina Dobreva
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