Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK)

National Network
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Grbavička 51
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. Research
  4. Youth and education
General Information
The organizational structure of the association: president and vice president who is also office manager. Coordination Board of the Association are: president, vice president and president of the Assembly. Assembly of the Association are: president and secretary. The Assembly is in session twice a year or when required. The work of the Assembly is defined by our Statute. The President is elected by the Assembly.Since the founding UDIK, UDIK's office in Sarajevo contributes to the development of individual and social process of dealing with the past to build a sustainable peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region deepening public dialogue and initiating debate on public policies that encourage dealing with the past, gathering data, publishing researchs about war happenings, war crimes and violations of human rights, promoting peace activism and following trials at local and regional level as a contribution to improving judicial standards and practices in war crimes trials.We have established partnership with many international organizations and several networks.
Mission and Objectives

The Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK) helps post-Yugoslav societies to establish the rule of law and to accept the legacy of massive human rights violations in order to identify the criminal responsibility of perpetrators, to meet justice and prevent the repetition of such crimes. It is the affirmation of the value of an open civil society, with clearly defined priorities in terms of promotion and protection of human rights, as well as youth involvement in social and political processes through peace activism. Our vision is Bosnia and Herzegovina as a fair, open society of active citizens through respect for human rights with the government that serves the public interest. 

Main Projects / Activities

During our previous activities UDIK organized activities regarding transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a focus to all the victims and to the construction of peace activism.  UDIK is a reform inside of the civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a recognizable brand of acting on the streets of Sarajevo and other cities. Except the office in Sarajevo, UDIK also has office in Brcko, which organizes activities on the streets of this city. UDIK's strength is reflected in the strong connection to activism and the construction of equitable peace and different and better Balkan. Our peacekeeping actions we marked with blackness and silence paying tribute to murdered victims in the war in the former Yugoslavia. These activities of UDIK were very well monitored, brended and recognizable in Bosnia and Herzegovina's society, but also in the Balkan. These activities UDIK was presenting in the public like „The Living Monument“ to all victims of war, with the concept of reconciliation through responsibility. In addition, the activists of UDIK are aware that Bosnia and Herzegovina will never build a unique monument for the civilian victims of war and that is why „The Living Monument“ is the only chance of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to build it on this way. With „The Living Monument“ UDIK for the first time as civil society organization marked many crimes of which citizens and civil society for many years kept silent. We did crimes and violence visible in the community. And with this way we discovered a new way of organizing. Our reform we carried out on the streets of cities across the region (ex-Yugoslavia), through the policy of providing every citizen to join in the activities of „The Living Monument“, watching him through the most emotional aspect of every human being, at the same time warning that the crime was something that should not be forgotten, but nor deny. On this way, UDIK set the level of civil society, which extends through the idea of meeting people with the same objective in order to build a peace. To his activities of „The Living Monument“ UDIK wants to give the opportunity for participation of each of the actual individuals in the construction of peace and distancing from the committed crimes. This is our contribution to a memorialisation and to empathy building for that which everybody in the community are ignored, and that is poverty and the tacit approval of violence and even the denial of crimes.    

Contact (1) Full Name
Edvin Kanka Cudic
Job Title
Head of the organisation