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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information

Youth Association „Breza“ is non-govermental humanitarian organisation settled in Osijek, Croatia. Our main goal is to promote interest of youth in inclusion at social community and making them eligible for independent living. Purpose is to encourage promoting and developing interest toward they own personal interests by organizing and providing quality free time, supporting and providing help which is needed for successful accomplishment school obligations, help in seeking job and encouraging and stimulating free enterprise by providing professional and counselling help in dealing with personal difficulties. Special emphasis of our work is on prevention asocial conduct with creativity.

Mission and Objectives

Organization formed living community in Čepinski Martinci which is a small village in Eastern Slavonia – Croatia, which is a first living community in Croatia with work-occupational programs. Living community helps children and youth without family support, or with dysfunctional family relationship to that level that their living in family is not further possible. In cooperation with Swiss living communities and their centers for social welfare, for four years we conduct “Experience pedagogy” programs exchanging volunteers and beneficiaries. Also, we developed prevention programs for violence and asocial behavior demonstrated in youth population. Those programs are out-institutionalized and focused on creative projects and active involvement of participants.

Main Projects / Activities

Projects: - Organizing manifestation for children and youth (Land without borders, Evening lights) - Organizing workshops (making candles, angles….) - Participating on professional gatherings (seminars….) - Organizing humanitarian aid Our most recognized projects are: “Evening of lights” , “Land without borders”, “Children’s house DOKKICA”. 1. Evening of lights: dance performance of children creations in National theater Osijek in period of Christmas and New year….(see 2. Land without borders: This project project is designed as seven days workshops that gaher great number of children and teenagers, whose task will be to create, explore and learn new music, dance, teather, painting, modelling, scultpuring etc. skills. Every year manifestation has a different theme and name: On the bridge (2004.) I can (2005.) Shining in the Dark“ (2006.) „And Flying“ (2007.) „Like a cloud“ (2008.) (see Project has mision and vision for empower Euro-Mediterian cooperation in segment of making intercultural dialogue, diferences between cultures trough developing tolerance and new 3. Children’s House DOKKICA: The project „DOKKICA“- Children Creative House in Osijek, in accordance with Proposal of national strategies to prevent disturbances in the behaviour of children and youth between 2008 and 2012, should be a prevention program (a pilot project) working with children and youth and including different activities (assistance in studying, organisation of free time, psycho- emotional help, help children with various difficulties, creative workshops, assistance in family education…). (see In Association working seven people as full time job employees ( 3 caregivers, administrator, president of Association, psychologist and coordinator of project) and lot of volonteers as helpers. As non-government organization, “Breza” is financed trough projects by local government, ministries national foundation, Swiss partner and other sponsors and donors. Our partners are: City of Osijek, Center for social care, Volonteer center Osijek and lot of institutions as schools, children’s home and NGO’s.

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Vargović Suzana
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Head of the organisation
Vargović Suzana