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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Heritage
  6. Human rights
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Media
  9. Others
  10. Youth and education
General Information

Bulgarian Youth Association is a Youth non-profit/non-governmental organization established in Sofia, Bulgaria at 2014 when a group of young people decided to unite their efforts for causes that are important to all of us, although we come from different backgrounds. The idea of this organization is to be the point from which to obtain a common vision for the important aspects of our lives. We wanted it to be the means by which our ideas are born, to materialize, to see the real result. Because we realized that an idea will never see the light of the day, if you do not find a collaborator who believes in it, supports it and gives it the strength to survive.

Mission and Objectives

Bulgarian Youth Association aims to support the active involvement of young people in various areas of public life; to promote personal development and democratic citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility; to support the development of the abilities and potential of young people from different social and ethnic groups, and young people with disabilities. The path to this is participation in various national and international projects, implementation of joint activities in partnerships with other organizations or networks; organizing advocacy campaigns; development and implementation of strategies and programs at local, national and international level. Members of the organization are involved in developing, evaluating and managing various programs and projects in the social sector, education and the media. One of the main priorities of the Bulgarian Youth Association is developing international partnerships with similar organizations, active exchange of ideas and best practices, creating a rich network of European partners. We stand for the basic human rights and follow the European moto "Unity in Diversity" by promoting European values. We want to be the change for a better future, it’s up to all of us! Our motto is VIA JUVENIS (The path of youth, The way of the young). From the statute: The objectives of the Association are: 1. promote the upgrading of qualifications and motivation of young people; 2. Support for social integration and personal fulfillment; 3. The development and promotion of active citizenship of young people; 4. encouraging youth to participate in representative democracy; 5. The development of education, democratic values, science, culture and sport; 6. construction and promotion of European values; 7. The protection and promotion of human rights; 8. stimulating mobility in and outside the Republic of Bulgaria, informal education and intercultural dialogue; 9. building positive attitude of society towards representatives of different groups and ethnicities, reduce discrimination and marginalization; 10. promoting employment and the inclusion of all young people, regardless of educational and social level or cultural background; 11. contribute to the development of support systems for youth activities and the capacity of civil society organizations working in the youth field; 12. encourage the provision of services for the integration of vulnerable youth groups in society, including unemployed and students, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and others; 13. support to disadvantaged youth; 14. promote and build a culture of life and public health; 15. The protection and preservation of the environment; 16. improve the quality of life of young people in the country; 17. conducting various types of charity events. Means to achieve the objectives: 1. participate and organize local, national and international educational programs and projects in the field of ecology, healthy lifestyle, human rights, democracy, employability of young people, sports, tourism and others. 2. organize seminars, conferences, round tables, discussions, etc .; 3. issue certificates and certificates of participation in training courses, seminars, conferences as well as for his outstanding contribution to the work of the Association; 3. issue reports, analyzes, articles; 4. develop innovative training methods to enhance na vocational training and practical training of young people; 5. draws professionals to support its activities; 6. developing professional cooperation with related institutions and organizations; 7. Provide assistance to organizations with similar objectives; 8. build volunteer network; 9. cooperate with European volunteers from different backgrounds; 10. develop partnerships with different organizations to work together to achieve objectives; 11. seek the assistance of sponsors in the face of government institutions, foundations, private enterprises and others.

Main Projects / Activities

We are proud to announce that, although we are relatively young youth non-governmental organization, we are one of the most active organizations in Bulgaria when it comes to participating in Erasmus + programme and other international projects, such as Youth Exchanges. We have sent more than 70 young people from Bulgaria to projects in most European countries. Having said this, we are positive that we have a vast experience in and capacity to actively be part of and organize Erasmus + Youth Exchanges. After the success of many of our events, our organization got a license to be the only one representative of the foundation “MasterPeace” in Bulgaria. “MasterPeace” aims to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. It will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less armed conflicts. Also it’s the fastest growing grass-roots peace movement in the world, with the ambition to reach out to millions and mobilize at least 400,000 new peace builders by 2020. Every year on 21st September the “International Day of Peace” we organize informational campaigns, dance, music and art  mutual activities with the coordinators of “MasterPeace” from the other member countries. Other big event we organize is on 1st December the “World Aids Day” where together with partners we inform young people where they can get free testing for HIV, what are the dangers of unprotected sex, how can you get infected and thanks to our strong partnerships, get free condoms where we give them out to the people.      

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The core team of Bulgarian Youth Association consists of seven founders and up to ten constant volunteers, all of them young people of different professional profiles, and each one of them responsible for specific aspect of the projects/activities that we realize or plan. The target group of our activities are primarily ambitious and enthusiastic university students seeking additional sources for personal and professional development and interested in working on youth projects. With regard to this, more than 70 young people have been part of our local, national and international activities so far. We have been actively involved in all stages of a youth exchange: planning, defining roles and responsibilities of project partners, meetings, preparation, logistics, communication between all partners involved, arranging project timetables, as well as promotion of projects and dissemination of their results through our Internet pages and by organizing informative sessions for the local youth. We have very well prepared volunteers who have long work in the non-governmental sector and in the field of intercultural dialog, youth initiatives and involving different people in one mission. We believe each of our members could have great contribution to the project aims and will do their best to actively look for new possibilities for solving current issues. The multiplier effect is important for us and our members are ready to help. Over the years we have created vast networks of young people through which we can easily reach out and disseminate the results of the projects. Thus the message we want to spread can be easily seen and continued. Our team possess vast experience in the youth sector and the field of youth exchanges and trainings. Each of our members has previous background in the non-governmental sector and has been involved in voluntary activities. Through the numerous projects that we have taken part in, organized and prepared groups for activities abroad under different youth initiatives, we have gained experience and developed a good sight over the youth work. During the years we have gained significant experience in the fields of event management as well as communication with national and international partners on different organizational levels. All of our team members have significant experience in the NGO sector, as we have worked on integration processes of minority groups, refugees and with disabled people. Currently we are preparing several initiatives in this direction All of our members are very motivated and work with great passion. During the years we have created vast networks of young people through which we can easily reach out and disseminate the results of the projects. Thus the message we want to spread can be easily seen and we are always in touch with young people, who could be involved in various activities. Our team consists of three highly motivated and active founding members /Kristiyan Andreev, Daniel Popov and Nikolay Nedyalkov/, an accountant and several young volunteers . The volunteers assist in the development of the youth voluntary activities and youth exchanges under the Youth in Action Programme and ERASMUS+. - Kristiyan Andreev (Founder and President) – currently studying for bachelor on Public administration 4th year at the University of national and world economy. Highly skilled person in representing the NGO. Involved in the NGO sector since 2011, excellent communicator and youth worker. Actively involved in national youth projects and international Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects. Went to more than 45 national and international projects. Also he was part of the organization and coordinator of many sport and cultural events. He is also part of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth and has many trainings and awards including a honorary title for excellence in humanitarian work for 2014. Also part of the biggest student organization – AIESEC, British council – volunteer, Business Club UNWE – in his university and in the Youth UN association. Actively involved in many other organizations and non-formal groups and famous for his partnership building skills. He is the president of Bulgarian Youth Association and Coordinator for Bulgaria of the foundation MasterPeace. Also one of the representatives of the International Peace Youth Group in Bulgaria. - Nikolay Nedyalkov (co-founder and vice-president) – has a master degree in Law. He is dealing with youth policy of the organization, legal assistance, documentation and stability of the structure. He used to work at “Transparency international” Bulgaria, as a legal advisor. Has participated as organizer and interviewer in different types of research groups to sociological agencies. Has been to various national and international trainings, seminars and conferences related to Bulgarian and European legislation, human rights, entrepreneurship, employment and employability, youth empowerment, PR and fundraising of NGO’s, events of contact making and creating partnerships. He has several publications of legal topics. His motto is “Nothing is impossible”. - Daniel Popov is a medical student and an active member in our organization as coordinator of the volunteers. Participated in many Red Cross events and trainings, also very active in Youth in Action and Erasmus+ . His work is to find, appoint, motivate, delegate and coordinate the work of the volunteers so that they feel involved and have self-satisfaction of being an active members of the society. The project manager: Extensive experience in project management and with the former Youth in Action Programme. The accountant: specialised in NGO accounting and works with several NGOs that apply for various grants. Her experience and abilities are proven by the exact calculation of the budget and by excellent work regarding reimbursement of participants. Youth workers and trainers: the Bulgarian Youth Association is proud with the workers which went to more than 70 projects in national and international programmes. Their training and experience prove to be a valuable asset in any project that Youth in Action and Erasmus+ implements or participates in. Most of them were youth exchanges, seminars, training courses, partnership building activities, networking, policy making and some related to European Voluntary Service (EVS) activities. That's why our name is so recognizable and we are considered a reliable and trustworthy partner

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to be part of the family. As young people, we are concerned about our future, and we have to step forward building it, and not wait something to happen. Joining Anna Lindh will give us access to member events and trainings, and also to have the right to apply for projects. This will give us a lot of knowledge for future development. It will be a pleasure joining your foundation. Thanks

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Kristiyan Andreev