Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights Osijek

National Network

Trg A. Šenoe 1
31000 Osijek

Mobile Phone
+385 91 201 9996
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

The work of the Centre for Peace – Osijek is organised through Assembly, Management Board, Supervisory Board, Programme Council and work of executive and programme director. The activities of the Centre for Peace are conducted through educational and advisory programmes, as well as through other forms of work that support and promote non-violence. Budget: 637.991,00 Euro in 2008 Number of employees - permanent staff 23 Sources of funding: European Commission, World Bank, UNHCR, OSCE, MOTT, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, ministries, local authorities Modalities of action: programs, projects, nonformal education Partners: UNHCR, DOCUMENTA - Centre for Dealing with the Past Croatia, Citizens Committee for Human Rights Zagreb; Footprints UK; Children’s home SOS Village Ladimirevci; 4 Primary schools in Osijek; Education and Teacher Training Agency

Mission and Objectives

Mission: Building a society based on the culture of peacee We are focused on the building of peace and dialogue, protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms, and on the promotion of creative methods of conflict resolution at the individual, group, and political level. Our mission is building society based on the culture of peace. We work toward our mission through empowering individuals, initiatives and civil society organizations for responsible participation in positive social changes, contributing to strengthening of civil society, rule of law and democracy. Golas: 1. Developing and promoting attitudes, values and actions based on respect of life, dignity, and basic human rights. 2. Empowering civil society and citizens for an active and responsible participation in building of a democratic society based on the culture of nonviolence. 3. Strengthening the rule of law and public responsibility for the public benefit. 4. Recovering and improving the quality of life in war-affected multi-ethnic communities. 5. Developing individual and social processes for facing the past. 6. Strengthening the cooperation and trust in South-East Europe. 7. Empowering own/local capacities for transfer of knowledge and skills on: community recovery, human rights, culture of nonviolence and democracy, and development of civil society organisations.

Main Projects / Activities

Our activities are: 1. Direct work with clients, providing legal aid and counselling for social vulnerable groups 2. Monitoring of human rights conditions and legislation, and informing relevant institutions about cases of human rights violations and observed problems 3. Monitoring of war crime trials: publicity of trials and work of the courts 4. Advocacy for specific policies by: research, lobbying and campaigns for changes in legislation, organising round tables, and trainings 5. Development of mediation in school, in community and at courts 6. Education on nonviolence, conflict resolution, community mediation, peer mediation and organisational development for civil and public sectors 7. Cross-sector and inter-sector cooperation; Networking and cooperation with similar national and regional organisations 8. Promotion activities – active web site, publishing Culture of Peace magazine, info-leaflets, manuals, handbooks and other promotional material

Contact (1) Full Name
Angel Čabarkapa
Head of the organisation
Angel Čabarkapa