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+972 8 2639 466
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

CIVITAS stands for, Civil Independent Volunteer Initiative Towards Achieving Sustainability: It was as a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization based in Gaza in Dec., 2001 under no. 7149, as an initiative of democrats, young community leaders, journalists, activists, human rights defenders, and civil society actors. CIVITAS has 52 members of its general assembly, 7 board members, 12 staff members, and 166 volunteers. CIVITAS seeks compliance of its goals through many strategies that aim to empower civil society and ensure its engagement in active and effective policy dialogue with duty bearers through awareness raising, advocacy, leadership development & institutional capacity building, good governance, and highlighting human rights, pushing for transparency and rule of law reinforcement, supporting local and voluntary initiatives, and organizing communities, networking, and experiences exchange. CIVITAS has annual funding and support from the National Endowment for Democracy, SIDA via Olof Palme Center, EU, and HEKS-EPER/ Switzerland. CIVITAS has annual budget of a round $ 500,000.

Mission and Objectives

CIVITAS Mission Statement: CIVITAS seeks achievement of consolidated democracy, via social cohesion and sustainable community development through reform, democratization, inclusiveness, gender mainstreaming and gender equality, civic engagement and participation, social accountability, conflict transformation and peace-building. CIVITAS Goals:  Deepening democratic practices and behaviours and supporting the process of democratic transformation and reform in Palestinian society.  Strengthening the role of civil society and enabling environment to play an active role in public affairs in pursuit of good governance.  Fostering the values of integrity, transparency and accountability among Palestinian society in pursuit of social responsibility.  Promoting the principles of social justice and participatory democracy in pursuit of social cohesion and consolidated democracy.  Contributing to creation and maintaining a constructive environment that contribute to community peace-building, equality and justice, and sustainability.

Main Projects / Activities

 Democracy & Good Governance;  Civil society strengthening & Community Organizing and Mobilization;  Policy Analysis, Monitoring, and Watchdog for Government and Public Institutions;  Research & Studies & Public Opinion Polls;  Election Monitoring & Democratic Practices Promotions;  Awareness Raising;  Peace-building & Conflict Transformation;  Leadership Development & Civic Engagement and Participation;  Women Empowerment & Inclusion;  Economic Empowerment & Social Welfare; and  Social Cohesion & Social Justice.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

CIVITAS contribution: - CIVITAS demonstrates a resource organization in the areas of Advocacy, policy dialogue, awareness raising for the grassroots and policy dialogue with authorities; - CIVITAS has the ability to provide consultancy, training, and internships for other CSO's in Gaza; - CIVITAS has its regional program (CIVITAS Academy) that contribute to dialogue and exchange across the Mediterranean, where it can provide a platform for other counterparts in the region, including Palestinian members of the ALF National Network of Palestine.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

CIVITAS has been one of the founders of Palestinian National Network for ALF since December 2005; CIVITAS sees that ALF Network has been a wide network that demonstrates a platform for Palestinians to act and influence the International public opinion to raise their awareness and support to Palestinian issues. Moreover, ALF Network can provide experiences, expertise and knowledge for Palestinians to learn, develop, and utilize for the benefit of Palestinian society, along with networking with other resources and experiences that we in need. However, ALF network also demonstrate a platform that would pave the way between South and North of the Mediterranean towards common identity and unification, for the Mediterranean, peace-building, and common understanding between south and north.

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Maher Issa
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Director General
Head of the organisation
Rafat Lafi
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Lena Dawoud
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Social Cohesion & Peacebuilding Program manager