Dansk Kunstnerråd - Council of Danish Artists (CDA)

National Network

Borgergade 111
1300 Copenhagen K

+45-35 38 44 01
+45-35 38 44 17
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Others
General Information
"Umbrella" for 23 organisations for professional artists of all disciplins with in all appr. 23.000 members. Each organisation has a representative in the Council. 2 persons are part time employed. Representatives from the member organisations take part in working groups CDA is funded by the member organisations and supported by the Danish government.
Mission and Objectives

Our aims are
- To work for the common interests of the professional artists in all aspects - political, social, economical and judicial.
- To influence on national and local culture policies and other policy areas that affect the artists.
- to promote arts and artists in society

Main Projects / Activities

CDA is a forum for cooperation and discussion among the 23 member organizations.
The concrete activities and varies projects . At present we work with a.o.
- The municipality reform in Denmark
- Cultural diversity
- Nordic cultural cooperation
- Taxation

Contact (1) Full Name
Elisabet Diedrichs
Head of the organisation
Franz Ernst
Contact (2) Full Name
Maja Elverkilde