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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information

Budgetary resources available in a year : around 180.000 $ Sources of funding : Grants Sponsorship Positive interest from the Bank Modalities of action (concrete projects, exchanges, seminars, scholarships etc.) : eSTEM Morocco offers 5 programs : Technovation Girls : Technovation Girls is the world's largest mobile app development and artificial intelligence competition for junior girls. eSTEM Morocco has been its exclusive ambassador in Morocco since 2014. In this competition, girls from around the world come together each year to use technology to solve problems in their communities. Supported by a network of mentors, ambassadors, volunteers, and parents, these girls are changing the world—and so can you. Tanirt : is the gateway to the world of opportunities offered by eSTEM Morocco. It is a mandatory program that teaches young girls the art of realizing their dreams through structured project management. It also helps them develop the mindset needed to seize opportunities and take control of using the Titrit digital platform. With just one hour of commitment per week for 6 weeks, mentors can guide a group of 5 girls and positively impact their personal development. Upon completing the circle, the girls have a better understanding of how to use Titrit and its social model to gradually build their PowerBook. Tigmi Impact involves pairing middle and high school female students with women entrepreneurs under the guidance of mentors/coaches from the business world. The students will be tasked with solving specific digital challenges faced by the entrepreneurs. The program encourages girls to voice their opinions and make a contribution to their community. STEAM Eductae is an online and face-to-face training program that offers a unique opportunity to students passionate about the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) fields to dive into this universe and discover lots of subjects at their own pace. . The program also includes themes on Sustainable Development and Human development Titrit Inspire is a set of mini-programs that help girls better approach STEAM fields, it is represented by the following programs which all run on a technology platform: Technology Center Visits Space Beautification Role model Stories Public Speaking Future careers Entreprise Shadowing Titrit digital platform development and maintenance: more than just an educational digital platform, is a true life companion for the future success of young girls determined to realize their full potential in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics by capitalizing on the power of digital . It is their gateway to STEAM careers offering students a roadmap to know themselves, define and pursue their dreams. With personal development and self-assessment tools, they can track their progress, identify areas for improvement and set clear learning objectives. Titrit also provides a treasure trove of resources and opportunities for training and putting into practice the concepts learned to enrich their journey towards adult life. Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities : HP Inc. Aspen Digital US Embassy 3M Isesco Unesco UIR Dell Techwomen Wharton Business School Technovation ANRT UN Women Technopark Global Gibving Foundation

Mission and Objectives

Vision: Digital inclusion for 50,000 young Moroccan girls by 2025. Mission : Leverage technological innovations for the future success of Moroccan girls and women by encouraging them to pursue scientific and technological careers, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, achieve financial independence, and gain awareness of sustainable development issues.

Main Projects / Activities

eSTEM Morocco's social model is fundamentally based on the Titrit digital platform. The NGO has consolidated its entire offering on this platform to reach as many girls as possible across the Kingdom. It offers five programs that revolve around a central philosophy: placing the girl at the center of the support ecosystem and encouraging her to adopt a hands-on learning approach and contribute to the community: Tanirt Mentoring Circle is a mandatory entry program into the eSTEAM universe, allowing girls to start their personal development journey STEAM Education is where girls acquire scientific and technological skills in various fields Technovation Girls is the world’s largest competition for junior in mobile app development and artificial intelligence Tigmi Community Impact enables girls to apply her digital skills to support a female entrepreneur Titrit Inspire is a set of diverse activities designed to inspire girls towards technological careers eSTEM Morocco has adopted an open model, making the Titrit platform available to its partner associations and also encouraging young girls to enhance their skills by participating in partner programs To successfully fulfill its mission, eSTEM Morocco relies on five support pillars: Digital Centers : computer centers located throughout the kingdom Touring Bus : a mobile caravan that reaches out to girls, mentors and partners associations Advisory group : a network of experts in various fields enriching the quality of programs offered to girls Chat bot : a chatbot using artificial intelligence to assist with various questions related to Titrit usage eSTEAM Festival : an annual event where girls meet innovations and inspiring figures from the world of science and tech

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Nezha Larhrissi
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President and co-founder
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Nezha Larhrissi
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Mahassine El Amrani Omari
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Partnerships manager