Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs

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Gateway Center, Kappillan Mifsud Street

+356 21224900
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Gender
  2. Research
  3. Youth and education
General Information
The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote opportunities and training in the area of Women Entrepreneurship. The Foundation is headed by 2 full-time staff that take care of its accounts and administration and as well supported by a number of corporations based in Malta. Other sources of income of the Foundation include its participation in a number of EU project; the organization of training courses, whilst a number of Maltese governmental agencies have subcontracted research contracts in the area of gender mainstreaming.
Mission and Objectives

The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) has been set up for the promotion of opportunities, awareness building, training and research in the field of Women Entrepreneurs and other gender issues in Malta, Europe and the Mediterranean.
We believe and realize that all women in Malta and abroad especially in the European and Mediterranean regions, have the right to be educated and receive equal opportunities in all aspects of their public and private life
We believe that it is of paramount importance to create an awareness of the issues, challenges and social relevance of creating an entrepreneurial culture in women including all ethnic, social, geographical, religious and other minority groups

Main Projects / Activities

The main activities of the foundation are the organization of a number of services which aim to promote female entrepreneurship in Malta and the Euro-Mediterranean Region. These include: the provision of entrepreneurship-related skills courses; and a mentoring and job-coaching scheme, where they advise potential female entrepreneurs on how they could set their enterprises. Furthermore, the foundation is currently participating in a number of EU sponsored projects under the 6th Framework, Leonardo and Socrates programmes.

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Ms Angele Giuliano (Chief Executive Officer)
Head of the organisation
Ms Angele Giuliano (President)
Contact (2) Full Name
Mr Angelo Camilleri