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General Information

Please note: We work in both the fields of youth and education and in media. Global Youth & News Media is a non-profit association based in France. We have had funding from the European Journalism Centre, Google News Initiative, NewsXchange (EBU) and Eurasian Media Forum. We do two kinds of actions: >> organize the Global Youth & News Media Prize to recognize news media that have been outstanding in serving and supporting youth in the areas of environment, journalism and news/media literacy. >> undertake our own international projects to advance this work. A key partner has been News-Decoder, a branch of the French non-profit Nouvelles Découvertes, with whom we have done webinars for students with the winners of the Global Youth & News Media Prize and which served as the main media partner for the World Teenage Reporting Project > COVID-19 Please find further details under Main Projects/Activities

Mission and Objectives

Our mission: Encourage media and educational organizations that innovate as they strengthen engagement between news media and young people while reinforcing the role of journalism in society. Our objectives Honor excellence by awarding news media that excel in this work in ways that can be replicated elsewhere. Conduct other international projects to advance our mission.

Main Projects / Activities

Global Youth & News Media Prize - The prize has had three award categories: The Planet Award for reporting or initiatives that effectively provide young audiences with information and hope for saving the planet. The Journalism Award for reporting that breaks stereotypes or adds important insights about or from young people and/or that successfully targets and involves a young audience with a clear, important impact. The News/Media Literacy Award initiatives that effectively educate about journalism and news media in ways that help young audiences navigate all kinds of content as they develop news habits and knowledge key to developing active citizenship. A key is a clear, important impact. In addition, we conducted our first Global Youth & News Media Project in 2020: The World Teenage Reporting Project > COVID-19. This initiative showcased stories by teenage journalists at 27 organizations in 16 countries* about their peers who were making a difference during the pandemic. * Including these Euromed countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Montenegro, plus Israel. Editions of the project since then have focused on champions of tolerance, climate champions and elders who have witnessed historic events.

In 2022, Global Youth & News Media united youth-serving media in eight countries to create the #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine project that invited their young audiences to create that wished peace and love for children in Ukraine.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We add an international perspective on the relationship between youth and news media in the region. Our I AM A REPORTER has students do journalistic interviews in English to then put into a professional format. See next question for more.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We admire and think we can contribute to your Empowering Young Voices actions. We strongly believe that using the rigorous perspective of professional journalism helps young people develop, as you note, "critical cognitive skills" and the ability to "challenge negative mutual perceptions." We feel we can help further that work through partnerships in projects and with our recognition of news media that actually help young people.

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Dr. Aralynn Abare McMane
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Aralynn Abare McMane