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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information
GEYC is organized in 6 departments including a number of 36 employs and partners. GEYC has a project organization structure that facilitates the coordination and implementation of projects and it fosters interactions among team members. The budgetary resources available for spending in 2013 were around 50 000 euro. The main sources are individual funding and European funding.  Modalities of action include: - Educational, intercultural (youth exchanges, study visits) and research projects. - Seminars – such as “Say NO to drugs, say YES to life”; - Campaigns – “Be the change for Romania”, “Black and white are not colors! Choose what color you want to be!”, “Wipe out online hate”; - Workshops on: communication, youth involvement, interculturality, social media. GEYC is a member of Advisory Council on Youth of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Other partners: European Commission, Council of Europe, Chamber of Deputies, European Parliament Information Office, CERC, Salto Youth, UNITED.
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to empower young people to make a positive change in their community. We believe that young people thorough their imagination, enthusiasm and dynamism have the potential to disrupt inertia and be the most creative forces for social change.

We are striving to meet our mission by supporting formal and informal education at local, national and international level; promoting social networks and new media technologies for personal and professional youth development; defending human rights in general, especially of young people at local, national and international level; stimulating individual and organizational social responsibility; encouraging entrepreneurship among young people; developing educational programs especially for young people at local, national and international level.

Main Projects / Activities

We believe that a change could be done only by action. We are involved in different projects that could make an improvement and boost the knowledge, creativity and confidence of young people. 
Our permanent activities are:
1. GEYC’s Resources center – a free online platform offering multimedia and social media resources for individuals and nonprofits.
2. GEYC’s facebook page – an informative portal for young people providing valuable content in the following fields: news, education, entrepreneurship, human rights, Romanian culture and civilization, cultural and intercultural dialogue and entertainment.
3. GEYC community – a community of young people from Romania, collaborating, sharing information and working together.

Current GEYC projects are:S.M.A.R.T.E.R. – Social Media Academy – Raising Teen Employability Resources, is an intensive 9 days training course for 34 participants from 14 countries (Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Iceland and Turkey). The project will take place in Bucharest, Romania from 22th to 31th of August 2014.  The project aims to empower the participants to implement employability projects at local level by using social media tools and it will be based on non-formal education.  Project objectives are: enabling participants to use social media tools for the communication, promotion and management of their projects, aiming to raise employment of young people; stimulating participants to share their personal and professional practices in using social media in youth work through teamwork and networking; raising the employability of the participants through improving social media skills and through personal branding; promoting the European cooperation in the youth field by the use of social media. 

New Media Ambassadors (NMA) is a complex practical 3 months internship with both professional and personal objectives. New media ambassadors are voluntary young people from all around the globe working together to develop the content of GEYC Resources Center, to raise new media skills, to improve communication, PR and social media skills, to develop sense of initiative and creativity skills. NMA has now reached its fifth generation, and it involves young people from Argentina, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Pakistan, Greece, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
GEYC is also a partner in the following upcoming projects:
- “Babylon Reinvented – how to approach intercultural learning”  training course in Lviv, Ukraine
- “Youth initiative for social engagement” training course in Perea, Greece.
- “Wave project: surfing for environment, sustainability, health in the Atlantic Ocean”- youth exchange in Aveiro, Portugal.
- “Wall on the high tide” – youth exchange in Gdansk, Poland.
- “Facts and dreams” – training course in Isparta, Turkey.
The full report for 2013 is available at: 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

GEYC can be an active contributor by supporting and promoting Romanian National Network interests on: ecology and environmental protection, human rights and democracy, tolerance, gender equity and intercultural dialog. In this respect, GEYC will carry on the results of previous campaigns and projects in the fields of: antidiscrimination and tolerance (“Black and white are not colors! Choose what color you want to be!”, “Wipe out online hate”, “Combating discrimination towards migrant and Roma minorities”), environmental protection (“What can I do for a clean environment?”, “Triad resources – recycling – reconditioning in future perspectives”), intercultural dialogue (New Media Ambassadors). Also, GEYC will work on developing new projects on this sensible topics, in order to raise awareness and to stimulate young people to take further actions toward changing our society for the better.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We see joining an ALF Network as an opportunity for meeting other young people with interests in similar fields with us, in order to develop intercultural projects. We believe that together we can reach a wider audience and we can build better projects according to their specific needs. The Mediterranean space is colorful and very reach in different cultures so we believe that it is important to approach this differences from an individual level so that everyday young people can understand, accept and cherish the uniqueness of every culture.

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