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Samosvej 59, 2300 København S, Dk

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+45 26 79 99 27
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Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
The company is a private company run by Tina Wilchen Christensen. The objective of the company is projects based on anthropological theories and methods. The aim of my work is through teaching, research and investigations to: - To generate reflection about ourselves as cultural beings - To raise awareness of how we continually create culture through dialogue and interaction. - To show the mechanisms at work in social life and in our creation of narratives about ourselves and the world surrounding us. The budget of the company stems from the above mentioned activities.
Mission and Objectives

Humanculture is grounded in anthropological theory and methodology. The company deals with human behaviour and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
An analysis made by Humanculture describe people’s different perceptions of a given theme and what it is that we each perceive as being normal and natural. When it is formulated we get a better understanding of ourselves, and our interaction.
Humanculture focus on deconstructing and describing people’s different perceptions, so that the different perceptions become conscious making it possible to talk about them.

Main Projects / Activities

Them main activities of the company are qualitative research and investigations as well as seminars on intercultural dialogue.

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Tina Wilchen Christensen
Head of the organisation
Tina Wilchen Christensen