İstanbul Technical University(İTÜ), Dr. Erol Üçer Centre for Advance Studies in Music (MIAM)

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İTÜ Maçka Kampüsü Yabancı Diller Binası Maçka, 34367, İstanbul- Türkiye

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General Information
MIAM (Dr.Erol Üçer Müzik İleri Araştırmalar Merkezi – Centre for Advanced Studies in Music) was established in 1999 with a generous grant by Dr. Erol Üçer. The Masters program opened in November 1999; under a single program heading of Music. Doctoral program in Music was initiated in September 2002. The largest music library in Turkey, the Dr. Erol Üçer Music Library was opened in May 2000. MIAM Recording Studio was also opened in 2000, bringing the highest standards to the sound engineering scene of Turkey. Currently, in MIAM, there are 125 master, 47 PhD students pursuing their degrees. Master Programmes: Performance Composition Music Theory Conducting Historical Musicology Ethnomusicology Sound Engineering & Design Sonic Arts Music Business & Management PhD Programmes: Performance Composition Music Theory Conducting Historical Musicology Ethnomusicology Sound Engineering & Design Sonic Arts
Mission and Objectives

Mission : To provide graduate music education at a modern level, utilizing contemporary educational methods; and to foster the transfer of musical heritage to further generations.
Vision: To educate creative, investigative music professionals with leadership qualities.
To conduct musical research and to publish results.
To provide national and international opportunities for continuous self-development of graduates.
To provide a platform for artists and academics, where their potential can be put to effective use in terms of education, research and consultancy.
To build national and international links with similar programs, securing permanent development in the quality of education.
To launch similar programs in coordination with universities abroad and implement student exchange programs.

Main Projects / Activities

Seminars,Workshops,Lectures,Recitals,Concerts,International Conferences,Masterclasses.
International Conferences: *In 2003, Istanbul International Spectral Music Conference was organized in ITU MIAM. The first big academic event on spectral music, one of the prominent movements in contemporary music.The conference book is published. Guests:Tristan Murail,Iancu Dumitrescu,Ana-Maria Avram ,Phill Niblock
*In October 2014, MIAM will host an International Graduate Conference
Bringing together young graduate students in the field of music sciences.Open to applications from all over the world.Keynote Speaker is going to be Dinko Fabris.
Seminars and Workshops: Various workshops and seminars are organized to meet the demands of the music societies and academic environments.
Festivals: Young Composers Festival hosted by ITU MIAM. Participants from cities like İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Mersin, Kocaeli… Over 100 premieres. Building a bridge between young composers and the audience.
Masterclass Over 250 masterclasses. Teachers and students from all over world met in MIAM.
Some masterclasses; Hagai Shaham, ‘Violin’,Daniel Kazez, ‘Cello’,Shlomo Mintz, ‘Violin’,Pamela Mia Paul, ‘Piano’,Aviram Reichert, ‘Piano’,Gülşen Tatu, ‘Flute’,Volker Hempfling ‘Choral Conducting’,Sascha Goetzel ‘Conducting’

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Co-organising projects which could include students from other conservatories and music academies...
Being a resource for European collaborators about Turkish actors in cultural sectors…
To encourage Music Business and Management students of MIAM to play a vital role to develop Turkish network...

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To reinforce the sharing of the skills and knowledge in the field of music research, and training, with other kinds of actors.
To promote mobility of our students and staff, and bring news ideas in our project.
To be an innovating and efficient leader in middle east and promote the 4D strategy, with european actors.
To promote the self-initiative of our students during their studies and for their futur life
To promote direct and live contact between professional and all kinds of musical actors with a focus on music practice, music research, music performing, technologic sectors about music (instrument making), as possible factors for promotion of self-identity, understanding history, social and economic integration.

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Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu
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Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu
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TA. Berna Anıl