Lebanese Association for History (LAH)

National Network

Domtex Bldg., 4th floor, Hamra street
Hamra 1103

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Youth and education
General Information
LAH is a group of educationalists, history teachers, and activists who work together to contribute to the development of disciplinary approaches to History education in Lebanon.Sources of funding are project based. Our main sponsor is the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netehrlands.  LAH organizes  throughout the year workshops and seminars offered to history teachers, academics, researchers, and all who are interested in History Education.LAH organizes for History teachers several Pedagogic Days every year. Main Partners are: American University of Beirut, Board for Transitional Justice,Centre for Lebanese Studies, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Euroclio,Finnish Institute in Middle East, Forum for Civil Peace, the Finnish History Teachers’ Association, Historical Dialogue and Research Agency – Cyprus, Lebanese American University, Notre Dame University-Louaize.
Mission and Objectives

LAH Mission:
LAH promotes the learning and teaching of history as a discipline in Lebanon, raises public awareness about the importance of history and ensures that history teaching becomes more recognized by society and more engaging to learners with a focus on historical concepts. LAH aims at encouraging continuous learning for different age groups as a way to build learners’ critical thinking shape their personalities and develop a sense of individual and collective responsibility.
LAH objectives:
• Facilitate continuous professional development for  History teachers and educators.
• Generate  and  sustain  constructive  and  informed  public  discussion  on  approaches  to  History education. 
• Establish working  relationships  and  partnership  with  the  local  and  international stakeholders, namely educationalists in schools and civil society learners and policy-makers. 
• Produce and disseminate publications and pedagogical material generated through the association’s activities.

Main Projects / Activities

“Developing  History Teachers' Capacity to Foster Historical Thinking” Project: 
A  comprehensive  Professional  Development  project  that  offers  an opportunity  for  a  group  of history  teachers  to  benefit  from  an  exhaustive  training  program. The professional development program consists of a series of training modules accompanied by mentoring.This  professional  development program  is  funded  by  a  grant  from  the  Embassy  of  the  Netherlands,  support  from  Notre-Dame
University  –  Louaize  and  the  Center  for  Lebanese  Studies  and  is  offered  free  of  charge  for participants.- The project offers an opportunity for a group of teachers, from public and private schools in the six governorates, to benefit from an exhaustive training program where they learn about new theories and pedagogies for teaching history.
LAH organizes for History teachers several Pedagogic Days every year. These events offer teachers the opportunity to apply model history lessons and get feedback from their colleagues. Teachers focus in their lesson planning on the use of historical concepts, varying teaching strategies, and the use of multimedia in the history classroom.The aims is  to empower teachers to adopt a modern approach that engages learners in historical thinking, nurtures higher-order thinking skills and links history to real-life situations.The Pedagogic Days are open to all teachers.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

LAH can contribute to the Network through workshops, conferences and seminars which LAH organises in addition to planning events and projects with other organisations.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

LAH work focuses on dialogue and memory. We hope through this network we are able to learn about other organisation's activities and explore potential collaboration.

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Dr. Maha Shuayb
Job Title
Head of the organisation
Dr. Maha Shuayb
Contact (2) Full Name
Ms. Nayla Hamadeh
Job Title (2)
Secretary General